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Number eight six six ninety right I let's go to Jim in Gary Indiana Jim welcome you're on but I. radio welcome to the show about the Harvard getting that money hi good morning good night thirty minute break down Gerry and I would listen to you guys like Google Harvard's endowment yes it's conservatively worth between twenty two and forty billion dollars yes how in the world could even claim that they needed the money it doesn't make sense to me well it doesn't matter whether they claim they need the money or not it's the fact it's not Harvard's fault it's the fault of right it's it's the politicians putting together something so quickly that no thought went into it right which is what happens this is what happens when you say let's start spending trillions of dollars and come and and make the entire plan in just a couple of days it was inevitable that this was going to happen it's inevitable that there are people out there because we look at this gem about okay let's look at the nuclear family affect here of the stimulus payment and that's for a family of four thirty four hundred dollars right well did we have to we qualify every family there to determine whether or not they were affected by directly or indirectly by Colvin I mean but it it goes on or not go ahead yeah all right my wife tonight I'm a truck driver I'm working yeah my wife works for the gas company in Illinois she's working yeah right we're gonna take our twelve hundred whatever under dollars we're going to get and donated to our church wow all right yeah good good well the the the church of Eric in Gary yes if you want the address will make sure that you could get that immediately because we're honest in pure here yeah but you know this is the thought was and and and and what it was on the largest level Jim honestly was this desperation to change the psychology of a in terms of fear of the American people okay adult and that's what it comes down to and I would not want to be a governor a mayor a judge or president in a situation like or lawmaker in a situation like this because there is no win here but you couldn't sit back and do nothing except for the fact that all right now we can all take a breath and say all right what's next because we've had more time to judge the problem too I guess maybe qualify the problem in terms of the size the magnitude the effect on the economy and I think we have to be a lot more thoughtful going forward I expected them not not that I applauded the two point five trillion but I expected them to do a lot that first time out and thank you by the way we appreciate that and thank you truck drivers all of you Jim and everybody out there delivering the goods for America every single day we greatly appreciate that but it comes down to this I mean it comes down to from cnet you know I'm I'm hoping there is a foot on the brake pedal that we could look back at that we can stop and say okay that first round it was really a mess on many different levels we have to get in now with the scalpel and decide where that money is going to go where the smart money really is on solving a crisis this is emergency relief if we're going to do that that it needs to be focused on the relief the relief part of it for those who were affected full stop well you know you the fox news story here that's talking about the fact that restaurants the retail you know since the whole PPP was set up as a loan or a grant if you kept people hired.

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