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Your three step process. I think that'd be really interesting. Sure, sure. So I really have to compliment Airbnb for works leadership here. They really had a vision for what this business could be. So when I came in at the beginning of twenty seventeen Airbnb for work had already been around for a couple years, actually, most folks don't know this, but over ten percent of their of Airbnb bookings were already for work. People were actually using the platform already for this, and so they kind of saw this coming in and we're getting their ducks in a row. When I started talking to them, they realized that they had a real need to help travel managers at all all sizes of companies to to kind of use Airbnb because obviously the sharing economy, things like Uber lift. These are all new to folks. So what they realized was that there wasn't a good there wasn't a good platform in the market that have helped these travel managers bridge the gap between. Here's what I do already with with traditional accommodations. And then here's how I can kind of use Airbnb within my work, and and you know, confidently send my people out into the world. And how did you build up a content strategy to kind of solve that? Because at that seems like a a big thing. Was it involved a, you know, it was well, I wasn't the only one involves. So there was there was a strong Airbnb internal team that was also a company called annuities, which is demand generation agency out of Atlanta, great folks, very talented into. We did a lot of, you know, internal alignment there at the time I came in there, there was not a marketing automation platform within the building, even on the beat ac- side and their sales for setup was also sub optimal. And so you know, there were there were a lot of there were both the business priorities kind of get in a row explained to the cease. We why this was important in how it would impact the funnel. But there were also foundational elements that were missing as well. You know, the tech stack had some holes in it, and we really had to think about the whole lead process because that that funnel was not as well defined on the Beata b. two b. side by any means. So what, what were your recommendations? So we, we recommend. Did that they create this content hub, we created over twenty pieces of content with the sole purpose of explaining the value to travel managers of how they can be better travel managers on top of the funnel. And then as they as they kind of went down the funnel and got more interested, we did start to include some references to to Airbnb for work so win, and I'll give you an example here. So for instance, at the top of the funnel, we have a content like a new, managing travel, five tips to help you get started or six steps to help.

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