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Of police of the city of conference answering no comment most reporters questions. There were however a few tidbits of new information. It was revealed that the weapons the cutting weapon and a firearm had not been found that the killer or killers. I did not appear to have been wounded and that narcotics were found in more than one part of the estate detective out and said that personally he doubted one man could committed the crime at his press conference chief. Davis told reporters that his men were doing as good a job as can humanly be done. Unfortunately the murderer or or murderers did not leave calling cards. The times article made no mention of the lobby onto killings in the first time he picks up a guitar. Charlie can field a new world opening up to him. The smooth would of the neck the curves of its body like a woman shape most of all the electric tingled passing a newest fingertips from the strings every time he strums a vibration gratien connecting him to some universal force that goes past thinking and straight to the animal so this power there he can sense sitting in the little room room he and rowsley of rented the power to change him and the power to change the world. Wherever looks now young people seem to know something. Their parents don't don't music wakes you up and freeze you. He listens to frankie laine on the radio. In the words feel more real than talking answer me creams frankie thank you and it's like he's asking the sky and stars charlie teaches himself some chords and when he opens his mouth to imitate frankie his voice surprises him like it's not really coming from him but tapping into the same forces frankie's a force that connects everything to everything he has things to say he feels for the first time in his life and there are people who will listen music is different from earthly the comings and goings of men like the words of the nazarene minister becoming more than just words he remembers feeling even when he was sitting at andt glenis piano yeah no little legs dangling off the bench tiny fingers pressing on those keys in him closing his eyes and these sounds wafting up toward the heaven that grandmother nancy see believed was reading and he had no opinion about facing murder charges in the death of music teacher. Gary hinman bobby beausoleil received his trial date on september fourth bobby had been in jail for about a month since the fiat station wagon he'd been driving had had broken down outside san luis obispo to highway patrolman had pulled up and when they checked the license plates they discovered the car was registered to the tha panga enga canyon murder victim. A quick examination of the fiat turned up a bloody knife hidden in the wheel. Well bobby was arrested and the l._a. County sheriff's department was notified. Detectives hall whiteley and charles guenther working on the hinman investigation drove up to interview the prisoner bobbie told them he'd recently purchased the car from a black guy when the detectives informed him that his fingerprints matched a bloody thumbprint found at the scene of the crime crime. He changed his story. Now he claimed that hinman had signed over the car to two girls he knew whiteley and gunther had beau soleil brought back to the l. a. county jail and booked for the murder of gary hinman. His trial date was set for november twelfth. As bobby sat in jail detectives whiteley leeann gunther were looking for his pregnant girlfriend kitty loot singer. A possible witness to the crime but kitty was nowhere to be found. Los.

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