Blockchain Technology, Investment Professional, Five Ten Percent discussed on Freedom Fast Lane with Ryan Daniel Moran


Yes yes right actually right you should not listen to anyone here on the panel including me none of us had any idea what we're doing this is for entertainment purposes asterix all financial decisions are at your own risk i actually met at your investment professional before making any investment decision right thank you i actually meant to say that before i even started talking like a big deal but for instance you could take a coin like bit connect that you could have got last year for sixteen cents wildcard all right well it also went to four hundred bucks you can take and ten thousand may twenty five million in a year now guys that stuff is all it doesn't happen well it does happen actually regular but my point is you don't really know which one's gonna take so just throw five ten percent in a few ico's in it is guaranteed to quantity i know i know why don't we just start the cap on coin yes just create the capcom coin go through the moon well i'm fortunately for me i have ethics and it really hurts my cash this is an interesting question that has come in what do you think are some of the social and business implications that are going to come from blockchain technology and how can entrepreneurs take advantage of the coming changes who would like that one what they've i'll tell you the real estate certainly with a my lifetime using blockchain you will be able to buy and sell a property in real time.

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