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The Keeler Bridge is closed right now over the Eisenhower. It looks like one of the cars that was involved in. This has crashed into a pole. We're trying to get more information on it. In terms of your expressways, travel times pretty high this morning. The rain's not gonna help on the end bounced Kennedy. We do have almost 55 minutes from O'Hare to downtown. An hour and five on the Eisenhower 3 92 The old post office. I'm Vicky Jacuzzi on WGN Traffic. Central cultural events will be returning to Chicago this summer is part of the next phase of the city's reopening plans are being put in place for the return of a number of popular events and institutions like summer dance. Goodman Theater, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the old town art Fair Market Days and Printers row lit fest. There also be a new month long citywide festival called Chicago Tune in which kicks off in August. Cities. Also launching the Protect Chicago Music series, which will be available to those who are fully vaccinated. Chicago's public health commissioner, Dr Allison are would, he says the return of these events is a sign that Chicago is winning the fight against covert 19. This is really just pointing to the fact that we continue to make really good progress against Cove it I think the mayor really wanted to set out the sense that you know, we are feeling very optimistic that by this summer I think we'll be in a place where we can really largely be able to return, assuming that we continue to see good up. In vaccination or what? He was a guest on Chicago's afternoon news yesterday. Here on WGN ahead of Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability Copa is resigning Sydney Roberts has held that post for the last three years, she led the office through a number of high profile cases. Including the recent deadly force. Police shootings of Adam to Lehto and Anthony Alvarez, mayor Life ago has been critical of Copa. I'm seek her resignation, but I've made no secret of the fact that I've been extraordinarily unhappy other with the way that they've handled a number of things, not the least of which is Taking over 18 months to move forward on an investigation regarding Anjanette Young and a lot of that time, nothing happened here plans to name an interim leader for Copa while she searches for a permanent replacement. State police are looking for witnesses to an officer involved shooting in suburban Linwood. It happened Sunday at a gas station on Glenwood Dire road. One person was struck by gunfire and taken to the hospital with injuries. State police have not given any further information about that incident. Cook County Jail detainees have a new resource center to help forget the what they need to re enter society. WGN's Pam Jones reports. Sheriff Tom Dart says nearly half of his jail population has some.

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