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Appropriate response. Good. What's going? Podcast chelsea. We were. I. Contact. Luckily able to make himself. Just gimme another Mahomes before we get out, man. Give me into the homes. I was shocked shocked that Vance Joseph. You'll look at this team again. And I feel like it happened. The Monday night game run game is working yet. They insisted on throwing the ball so much today. And it's like you watch Philip Lindsey it's pretty clear like the chiefs defense is struggling to staff. Lindsey let you you're insisting to go case keenum. I know it's not that simple. It's nothing simple. But but at the same time, I mean, I felt like I felt like they gave the ball inappropriate amount to the run game. I really I don't think I think they're balance was actually working for them after they were getting seven and a half yards per carry in the first that's what I'm saying. Why would you even like even if they stack nine in the box? They're like the daring Kansas City to tackle. And they couldn't do anything that was stupid by Denver part of its game script to though I mean that is it's part of target is the game script they're trailing for most of the game. Let's hear from the head coach of your Kansas City. Chiefs who got Andy Reid for your right now addressing the media after the thirty twenty three win over the Denver Broncos. As injuries. Greek strain ROY does here. For example, left hamstring. Tweet to see how he does here. Then. Hitchens? Helmet. Ford. So nothing else on those things. Listen, all this. Football..

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