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Sacramento County coroner reports. An increase in unexpected deaths for the first half of the year can't be case, Nika McGahee's explains. The Sacramento County coroner revealed that the number of deaths rose by nearly 9% so far in 2020 About half of the deaths investigated in January and February were ruled accidental deaths, including overdoses, The death rate spiked more than 21% in April. Nika mogul Hiss News to 93 point 1/2 became a private school in Fresno is defying state orders and holding on campus instruction. KFBK is Jensen Raeder reports that the county is now ordering them to clover has no county has issued a health mandate ordering Emanuel schools to shut down, stating that they can only fully reopened. Since the county is removed from the States Corona virus monitoring list. Failure to comply can result in a $1000 fine for each day that they remain open. The school has about 600 students that attend kindergarten through high school that have been attending classes on campus. Jensen Raider News, 93.1 KFBK Butte County voting officials expect a smooth mail in election Kate because Mike Baka has that story. County clerk Recorder Candice Grubb says Despite the national narrative of mail in voting chaos in November, she feels confident in Butte counties process Returning is easy one You vote your ballot. Put it back in the envelope. You sign your envelope, and it takes no postage. Butte County voters will get a postage paid envelope in their voting packet. If you're one of those people that like to hang on to their ballot until Right before Election Day. Maybe then you should drop it any ballot drop off box or you can drop it off at any Votre assistance Center. The addresses for these voting assistant centers will be in the voting packets. Mike Baka News, 93.1 KFBK. It has been 75 years since the Japanese government agreed to accept the Allied terms of surrender in World War two. The date August 14th. 1945 President Truman issued a statement shortly after seven o'clock eastern time to a room full of reporters inside the White House announcing Japan's decision. Here's a clip of a B C's radio coverage from that date. We interrupt this program to bring you a special bulletin from the International news Service. The war ends a special bulletin I repeat from the International news Service. The war ends victory over Japan Day or VJ Day would officially be celebrated in the U. S on August 15th. Although Japan's formal surrender wasn't officially signed until September 2nd, 1945 So my dad was alive during that era when when that happened, and he told me is Tory's When I when I was much younger about that day, and how he will never forget that day bells at churches were ringing for hours and hours when the announcement came that the war had ended. I mean, there was this this level of celebration in relief, he said, unlike he has ever experienced in his entire life in any society. A picture that always comes to my mind is that picture and you've seen it. It's an iconic picture of the soldier that has the woman kind of dipped down. He's kissing her in the streets, and they didn't know each other. As I understand They were strangers. Yeah, yeah, It's a great It's a great story, but that's the picture. I was think of. Okay, this is really quite the audio clip. We haven't had one like this in quite some time in the program. In our featured audio clip this hour. We have an example of incredible police work being done in one local community. You are about to hear an audio clip from the body camera, which was worn by Lodi police officer Erica Aurea. She drove up to the train tracks on Lodi Avenue and saw a 66 year old man in a wheelchair, his back to the train crossing arms going down. So you really jumps out of her patrol vehicle, the train speeding toward the man. She pulls him from the wheelchair to the ground. The train barrels toward the man narrowly missing him crashing into his wheelchair. Now, this is the audio again from her body camera as it happened. And as this audio appeared, or was, it does appear on the Fox 40 news website with Belle second checks to get up. Get up. I need an ambulance now and if you can envision and imagine in your mind, the this man's body had been pulled to the side of the train tracks. And the train comes barreling by now. He suffered a leg injury and was hospitalized. Unbelievable video, though, that that officers hero Name's Erika area. I'd love to hear from her. I know I'm sure someone's going to grab, you know, trying to interview and I hope the Lodi police, you know, say, Yeah. Come on over an interviewer. You know, we made that are featured audio clip for a lot of reasons. And one of them has to do obviously with what a great deed. This was on her part, but also because you know, at a time when we are just inundated with images and messages about how bad police are And the fact of the matter is, is that most of them a large percentage of them of George, either by over 90% are doing great work. Public service. They are right. And you know these are the kinds of things every once in a while they do come to light and it's a good reminder for all of us. We're glad. Glad. Glad to play. Glad to hear it and glad that man is okay. My goodness. All right, let's get you caught up on this hour's top national stories Now on news, 93.1 KFBK from.

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