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I'm only home when I have to be in order to save. My Senate seat not supposed to admit that. But that same year twenty four fourteen Senator Roberts had a new reason to be home. I he did have a tough primary challenge that year, which he survived only by single digits, and then when he got to the general election. Senator Pat Roberts was again faced with a challenge from not one but two other candidates who was running against a democrat. But he was also running against an independent and independent named Greg Orman a bit of an outsider. He was a rich guy who entered the race late in the game that year, but he had the doing really well really early at one point. He was pulling ten points ahead of this incumbent Republican Senator Pat Roberts and with that upstart independent candidate doing great in that Kansas Senate race. It's interesting. The democrat in that three way race decided to drop out which left Greg Orman this independent. A clear shot at winning this race. It was him against Pat Roberts. He had a clear shot at unseating longtime Republican Senator Pat Roberts. He coulda done might have done. He definitely had a chance to do it. He did not do it. Greg Orman this independent? He was head to head with Pat Robertson, the end, but he lost to Pat Roberts by ten points on election day, and that in fact helped the national Republican party when a new majority in the US Senate for two thousand fourteen. Well now this year in two thousand eighteen Greg Orman is back and he's in another three way race this time. It's for governor in that state this year, the Republican candidate for governor of Kansas is the Kansas secretary of state, Chris Kobuk who is way way way out there on the right? And he would not mind me saying, so so I don't mean that to cast aspersions. He just is the democratic candidate is a well-known moderate longtime state Senator named Laura Kelly. Now between crisco Bach and Laura Kelly the two of them the race is excruciatingly close the latest polling from Emerson shows. Crisco Bach ahead in that governor's race by one point. A new poll from Ipsos shows the democrat Laura Kelly up by two points in Kansas. I mean, you basically can't fit a penny between the two candidates of the two major parties. But that race has been a little crowded because that guy Greg Orman is also running for governor of Kansas again as an independent and in those same polls that show a one or two point race between the democrat and the Republican there's Greg Orman polling it eight or nine points. Greg Orman from eight or nine points in the polls. He appears to have no chance at all to win or to get anywhere close to winning. But he's definitely pulling more than enough oats to change the outcome of this race. And honestly because Greg Orman is running as a moderate the candidate Ormond seems to be pulling votes. From is the other moderate in the race democrat, Laura Kelly and to win in Kansas. She will need every last vote. She can wrangle now. Greg Orman says he has no intention of bowing out of this. Governor's race. Even though he's only polling at eight or nine percent. He has no intention of quitting. But now someone on his campaign definitely thinks that he should yesterday. The treasurer of the Greg Orman campaign who himself is a Republican former state Senator from Kansas, the treasurer of orlands campaign resigned. So he could endorse the democratic candidate Laura Kelly. He said in a statement released by Kelly's gubernatorial campaign, quote, Laura Kelly is the only viable candidate for governor who can win and bring people together I've been a friend and colleague Greg Orman for several years. I supported is run for Senate in two thousand fourteen and until today I supported his run for governor. However, this is a critical election for Kansas. We cannot risk the future of our state, quote, electing Chris Kobuk, governor is one of the worst things that could happen to our state. That's the campaign treasurer for the potential spoiler independent candidate in Kansas. He himself a former Repub Republican and a former state Senator he saying he has no choice, but to drop out of the campaign for the independent candidate and switch instead to the democrat. He says it's the only way to stop crisco Bach from taking office which again, he says would be one of the worst things that could happen to our state..

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