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Same that. Sounds like I should go to jail Dodge the bullet What, about you Jared middle. Name is Burton Burton is a family name being so embarrassed by, my, middle name bro Yeah So then I would like so long. Last Then I would scour the internet it'd be, like, try to. Find something famous with burden Mike Tim Burton No. No one cared no nobody Burton. Burton of my friends called me Burton high school for, a, little bit Yeah so. My first day of? School this is how stupid freshman at western Guilford I was like go around, the, classroom what is, your. Name what, his name he like to? Go and there Jared pike. And, I go oh. I, go by Burt she goes how do you spell that I go be h RT She just wrote it down H. RT lasted about two weeks and. Is I, can't do it, I said. Oh my papers Burt pike My friends is a, funny sued, ever it was the stupidest thing she didn't have any idea she kind of. Looked at, me, you know, like really And then two. Weeks knowledge does not burn I, didn't think, so yeah After for two. Weeks Autobiography some papers anyway hugs? What's your middle name Ryan this right Hugs ryan Yeah Well, no Thomas, Ryan, Marvin. Right so if you want to still.

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