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Not only did. Desmond. Child Right Livin La Vida Loca. Ricky Martin. He also wrote in year two thousand with Ricky Martin she bangs. Another giant hit. As we continue our march through the. Catalog of the Great. songwriters child. Rosie is ricky seeing the second. I honestly don't remember I may have left for the concession standing beer at that point after the first one. Daddy! Hey. You wouldn't go to Ricky Martin with my dad. Now I can see that. We're very excited. Our next guest is about to join us. Takes, Time West out the Vikings is that I've got an idea for what are. There okay good. Artie KIP NER is the director for Fox sports widely recognized work with the NFL directing super bowls. He's done fourteen Daytona five hundred's. He's done the masters he's done NCWA. Basketball tourneys done NHL on Fox as well as. Many many other things, and he was a voice actor on the film cars by the way which is cool for a million reasons. Football on Fox nfl our you name it. He's done it and he did Darlington last night as the director. For Nascar on Wednesday night, racing, and right now that conversation with him, but as soon as he puts him on home, I remember. He said he had a lot of questions you want to. Write he wanted to enter. He just did a forty five second interview, so we're very happy at Ben I know you're you've worked with him. A couple of times in the past Mr Artie Kempner is our guest on the phone. Thank you, Sir I appreciate your time. Ed Good Morning Guys. I know there's a lot of us, so I, am no pain, but the rest of you are unless we're doing video chat, F! But decided to be. The twin cities. Relevant. Matter. And all relevant fan don't be. Don't be three. Are you. I'm doing great I'm I'm down in Darlington? South Carolina I think. You guys just The Vikings strapped. What Cj want him so? He's a game cock and again cup country right now. So wait a minute I. Thought you were in Charlotte. So how does the? How did the whole production work? Where were you at? So, I'm actually on site I. The only production person on site and typically they're sixteen production people so Yeah, we've come up with I think an engaging in in really safe plan on how deploying all of our access resources for you know during this can damage and do the same distance, and we know our TV trump's Ben. You've been guys. Probably they're small, usually packed to the gills with people, so my usually has ten people. There's three people now so I I got picked to to come down and travel. The circus tweets rates. I'm pretty excited about it though. It's been great I. Mean I can't even tell you how much fun it's been to watch racing again, but what you guys are doing with. Everybody in different locations is fascinating to me. Overall, though what has been the most challenging aspect of what you're trying to do? I think the most challenging aspect is getting all of the all the technology to talk to all the technology at the different location, so we are in three locations will be wherever the raeside is next we'll be. Were, darn ten today for race at twelve noon on F s one, and then we'll be in Charlotte from Sunday through Wednesday with races We've got a whole team at our Charlotte. That's one studios which includes Jeff, Gordon and Mike Mike Joy and producer, very landis and Larry mcreynolds, and then we've got a whole team in Los. Angeles that's doing replays and graphics. Graphics. So what's typically? Everybody's self contained here is is now a three pronged attack, and it's gone real well, but it's it's really It's complicated. It's certainly technically complicated, so have you guys added technology to to the broadcast? Because I saw a little clip where you guys are using drones? Was that always the case? Did you guys ad? The drones because of the situation. We. We added the drowns reviews the drum for special events, but we've always had to be really careful. Because the fans in the stands. Everybody's worried about a drone dropping out of the. They really don't drop out of here when they have professional pilots. Okay, we've got. Two of the greatest. Air Beverly Hills area out in California. This guy can fly through concourses been down the standard. It's pretty cool, but without people NASCAR has given us a more leeway in using it, and it's really been cool. Already when you do stuff like this, and you have the races, and all the other stuff that you've done, but now with like no fans, and there are a lot of eyeballs on what you're doing. How obviously you're prepared for it, but when the mistakes are now maybe more glorified when they happen, how do you prepare kind of roll with what the unexpected? Now that there are nobody around in the audience, and there's no distraction like that. Well I. Think I agree. Prepare like like any team would prepare attention to detail, right? Make sure you're thinking about what could happen. Could could've showed us shouldn't happen. Only the good stuff, so you know I. Don't worry about mistakes then. I mean I'm not gonNA. Compare myself doing NFL player, but I think when we are doing a live events and you. You don't have the chance to do it all over again. Your practice you get ready, and then you perform, and when the saints after you'd better just move on, because if you dwelling on it, you're gonNA. Screw up again already. Do you think this is a A blueprint for the way sports will now be covered in some sense of because it's a singular event. The dynamics are different I mean I've talked mother's major league baseball. NHL Playoffs potentially NFL NBA role in different remote cities, or is this going to be a little bit different? Well, I think it is kind of a harbinger of what was coming. Already, you know we have we been doing remote productions on on certain games. Usually smaller Games basketball games very few football games. ESPN does a lot of this, but I think it is something that technology has allowed us to do, and I always say you know. The law of unintended consequences can also be the law of unintended opportunity and I think this has been an opportunity for us to kind of push forward on this really key people say. So because we come up in a plan because the nineteen part plan is remote production and keeping people separate. I do see this as really the future of sports, television and a lot of ways. Already, have you gotten any sense from the drivers themselves on what the VIBE is like with no fans in the stands and know that they've always been. Secluded in their cockpits of their cars, and it's not applicable to like football or basketball, but you know. What of the were the drivers feel? How do they feel about this sort of sterile environment? It is it does have an impact. It's certainly not the same as as a football game of basketball or hockey, but there's definitely an impact because you know. There's an energy that you get before they start racing. You know there's in Tennessee in the crowd and in the stands of people you know just being tightening and I can tell you. These guys are so good that they look in the stands while they're driving I. Really do I've heard radio communications where they will say they. Did you see that girl? These guys. They're seen that energy in a lot of ways, but like anything you need to adapt. You need to evolve, and they'll figure it out. You know for me. It's easy to drive into the track and real easy to drive out of the game. Once again, that's That's one those good things that comes with this, but we miss the crowds. We miss the fans you're already. Kevin her again is our guest. Thank you so much for coming on with us. director for Fox sports for NASCAR for football for you've done hockey. You've done base basketball. You've done them all the masters even but let me ask you specifically about football since we're the home of the Vikings on the station obviously. If you're directing an NFL game for Fox, will you? Would you like them to.

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