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All right. Listen the. Next. One is the last episode of the week Potty Training Day. The MOM to so much she texted me. said that. Jason Wings was Jordan and me and care were pippen and Dennis Rodman I'll take that and. I said as a high compliment. She knows my my favorite guests in a long time so. Congratulations Let's get the comment tie w says great, episode thankful Jason Survived I. Remembered the guys on talking about it. When it happened I'm looking forward to check it out Jason special his story of bomb in his pretty epic. It reminds me of Yarmulke Sanders talking about what she bonded the Apollo and got booed the way home. Yes. Even on a subway, her telling the story here is a bit laws perhaps now for plan on show, check it out. You have chassis youtube link and says, has valley paramount pardon received her ticket to the cook. I think she'd been on the waiting list is two thousand eighteen. Yeah, we'll get to that. Classic RB LOVERS SAYS I had not heard or Jason Wings prior to the podcast but man, he is funny as fuck out be checking out his special and I will be keeping my ears is Oh, before his name in the future thank you for bringing him into the podcast. It was a great a real tree. Ms Bar has also had not heard of Jason Prior to the podcast decided check out a known while out for my morning walk man trying to walk it laugh at the same time it's hard to do. This do funniest. Hale had my stomach hurt I love this special and we'll check out any project jason has thank you write a care for letting the podcast masters know about this talented man. And Lastly v says this episode Hilarious. Well, he told the story about that horrible little bow joke. I nearly choked the this episode literally almost killed me but at least I would have died laughing. Glad you're alive. Glad you enjoyed the. Fine Yeah I've been. Tinkering thing about the podcast stuff and one of wanted things during this extended break has been Like taking these interviews and putting them on the show and not doing topics and just doing like long form. Hanging out, and sometimes you know especially with New People I find that people kinda like the change of pace I like the change of pace it does a little bit to kind of get out of just the news of the day and Not Be, topical and segment in all that stuff and let go by. Potter. My brain wants to control and tinker with everything. So. I've been enjoying these conversations and it's really don't when we get introduced to somebody new and audience love them. We Love them and they love us all that stuff is you know feel like that's the pandemic as for. The Paul. was have you ever had an asthma attack? Yes or no? Nineteen percent yes I'm in a nineteen eighty-one percent no cameras in the eighty percent. Let's says no but I had a bad case of asthmatic bronchitis titus when I was in high school and was given and Halo for treatment it came in a hand in a handy before the end of the year choir concert and dance recital Oh it came in handy..

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