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Oh i cube joins us now on espn radio i've loved this guy for a long time big three's season kicks off in houston june twenty second if you want tickets and more information ice cube has this basketball league it's up and running it had controversies and flair and drama and steven jackson big three dot com steven jackson who was ice cube thank you for joining us who was the greatest player in your league last year according to you ice cube oh wow our our mvp was rashard lewis i mean he was a bee's i didn't know he played that hard on the block you know when when i saw him play his years in the nba he was really a three point specialist but to see him battle you know in deep with the big three i realized that guys could do a lot more than than they showed in the nba sometimes stephen jackson says he's the best player in your league well of course he said but i'm saying i mean do you care to settle the dispute ice cube like it you settle the dispute i know that one guy won the mvp but stephen jackson is saying not in his personal record book stephen jackson had a good season and you know they can battle it out this season you know starting june twenty second but yeah i gotta give it to the mvp i love stephen i'm think he's definitely you know one in our all star players but will beat the season restore louis hat what are you proudest of in starting this league.

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