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Lau active US troops, deployed to the southern border to use force if necessary even if it's lethal do I want that to happen. Absolutely not but you're dealing with rough people on Wednesday secretary of defense James Mattis reminded reporters at the Pentagon that of the nearly fifty eight hundred troops currently at the border. Most of them are not armed secretary Mattis has their role is to support the national guard members already there as well as the border patrol US border. Inspectors continue to process asylum seekers at the crossing at a rate of about one hundred per day. When members of the caravan began arriving the waiting list was already at three thousand in Denver at least. Yeah. Kunia Fox News, the president tripling down on criticism of a federal appeals court where a judge blocked his new asylum rule this week tweeting the ninth circuit is out of control. After a supreme court statement yesterday defending the judiciary is independent an unpleasant flight for some thanksgiving travelers. Did more than just annoy the other passengers on board. A Delta Airlines flight from the nation's capital, he traumatized some of them thirty four year old D C resident David toe off allegedly made disparaging comments about Jews demanding that any Jews onboard raise their hands. So he could identify them toe off taken into custody when police met the plane as it landed in Atlanta, but his bad behavior allegedly continued he now faces charges of obstructing police and disorderly conduct locked up in the Clayton county jail. Fox's Jane Metzler record cold in parts of the east in Massachusetts animal rescue volunteers, say more than four dozen sea. Turtles have died of exposure to Washington shore.

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James Mattis, United States, David Toe discussed on John Hancock

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