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Plummeting lira even further, there's an overwhelming concern amongst Turkish people because the country seeming to be in full blown currency crisis. At the moment, the also at the brink of an economic crisis, the Turkish people will need to be reassured. Rebecca kes- be spoke to selene in estan, boo, and asked her for the latest. The latest crisis has been triggered by a rift between Washington and on cadre over the arrest of a US pastor Andrew Brunson. He has been jailed since last year and Washington was expecting him to be released in the latest hearing, but he wasn't and then sanctions imposed by Washington followed, and he was put on house arrest. There have been negotiations and talks held between the two countries, and there has been pressure put on Turkey for this passes release. But Turkey wants to apparently use Mr. Brunson as a bargaining chip as an exchange and two for prisoner exchange, for instance, and in on cut, it doesn't back off. That is why the rift has been strengthened and deepened and we have seen the lira full to record lows. All time lows. Actually, today there was a time when the Turkish lira lost fourteen percent of its value only overnight, and we're talking about a currency that already has lost nearly forty percent of its value since the beginning of the year. So very serious issues at the moment and finance minister in that report. I was saying we expecting, we're expecting him to speak later in the day, and he has spoken and he said, the independence of the central Bank is crucial and that Turkey will have a stronger budget. Discipline Turkey will emerge much more powerful from this recent crisis, but he didn't exactly clarify how what steps would be taken exactly to halt the collapse of the lira. And since he has spoken Turkish lira has plummeted even further well. And of course, President Trump has been applying yet. More pressure is just tweeted that he's authorizing a doubling of the tariffs on steel and aluminium with resp-. Specked to Turkey that's just come in in the past hour or so, what's impact with that have? Well, dot will hurt because aluminium and steel apparently will be targeting Turkish construction sector and the recent economic boom in Turkey. The economic growth in Turkey is very much dependent on the construction sector. And if the construction sector is hurt, then Turkish economy will hurt and already because of the fluctuation of the Turkish lira because of the loss in its value, dramatic loss or read either had been issues in importing of these materials. And now Turkey will face even harder. Harder face and already people in the marketplaces who were buying stuff because Turkey has been importing these materials. We're already hurt. They will feel the squeeze more and more and the government will need to act somehow selene Garrett in Turkey. The election results in Zimbabwe represent a total negation of the will of the people. That is how a lawyer of the opposition MDC described the disputed vote at the end of July, the MDC is submitting its case to the constitutional court today with a deadline under Imbaba and law of midnight, an MD Senator David Coltart urged the international community to put pressure on president Mnangagwa to abide by Zimbabwe's constitution, and he warned the president of the consequences. If he knows the opposition MDC aligns has a long history of being committed to nonviolence of being committed to the rule. Lov committed to respecting the constitution. And if he listens to to us, then we can still stabilize this country and take it forward. But if he decides that he's going to go to loan, that he's gained two to rule by means of coercion. And then we, we have a very problematic future hit. Meanwhile, the opposition politician Tendai BT appeared in court in handcuffs on charges of inciting violence by rejecting president, Mnangagwa victory in the election, at least six people were killed two days off to voting clashes between the security forces and MDC alliance supporters who alleged that their leader Nelson Chamisa had been rolled to victory. I'll stack correspondent Shingai Naoka is in Harare for the latest on the MDC's legal challenge. The deadline is creeping ever closer, but there is still no sign off the MDC alliance lawyers. We understand that they might file after..

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