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We kind of know all the beats. Yeah, And I think the key to managing a relationship isn't actually right now, While there's a potential trade request, or you know you're searching around for different suitors. It's way before that, in the communication and the working through making sure that your star your superstar feels involved and understands that you're building for the future while still having him at the forefront. Of what you're trying to do and build and have success is an organization. I think like the whole Jordan love thing. You know, the lack of urgency and drafts really hurt the relationship and and perhaps better communication might have helped him through that point, and we wouldn't be here now. It's such a slippery slope, though, because Aaron Rodgers isn't an NFL GM, you know, And if you asked him, he'd probably say I want to take a receiver, a left tackle in the first round every year. But the opposite side of that is the last 10 years rise. The Lakers have taken the Lakers, the Packers have taken nine defensive players. In the first round, and the one offensive player that they took was the quarterback was Jordan Law Jordan here? Here's the problem, though they went 14 into this year. They're the best offense in the league. They have the best receiver in the league. Maybe in part because of Roger's. They just re signed Aaron Jones to a giant contract. Bachtiar, he might be the best left tackle in all of football. It Rogers can't look at that offense and say I don't have any help. Lot of quarterbacks would love to have the support that he has. Yeah, So is what you're saying, Maura, that you would like to see more security and maturity out of your your superstar quarterback Zach China. It's both. I think this relationship rise. A lot of the blood is on Roger's hands, and a lot of it is on the Packers hands and I agree with you about communication. What I was saying. Hey, do you want us to get Jordan love? They don't need to ask, but I feel like again. I'm not there, but I would imagine some kind of tripped the transparency and just keeping somebody involved. Let them know this isn't a replacement. This is about building the team. Hey, you're still the man. Hey, look at the great season we just had this year, you know of anybody could understand what it's like to be that young quarterback coming in. It's it's Rogers because But I also think it's about feeling appreciated, because, yeah, you know, I think the Packers have had 30 consecutive years of franchise quarterback play. And you know, at some point, they just might figure. Well, we could just transition to Jordan Love? No, no, Like Aaron Rodgers is a non renewable resource. If Aaron Rodgers leaves, you might not find another franchise quarterback for 30 years. Just ask the Chicago Bears are straight talk is brought to you by straight talk Wireless. No contract. No compromise up next. If it isn't the Lakers and the West. Then who will it be? We discuss and debate. I'm Aaron Goldhammer. She's Roz Golden. What I It's ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Okay. Jay Z e could certainly see how air Rogers feels about the way he's treated to Green Bay Packers that all of a sudden they won't extend an olive branch to make.

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