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Through it when I go through that his mind is never a piece when he goes to bed at night he worries that the next day is going to get court because it every night and every morning I wake up saying this is gonna be the day pretty heavy SFE but there's another case now I've seen it there was a piece done on oxygen channel regarding this and they link these together Boca police on the ten year anniversary last year did not link this case to it see what you think okay it happened in March two thousand seven see a March and you have August he has a number Randy Gordon Berg was killed in the afternoon after shopping at the town center mall there's a similarity I remember this case okay okay she was carjacked they believe in her black Mercedes Benz GL four fifty S. U. V. so there you have a black SUV another one another one driven around same as the other two before she was shot in the head hello and dumped her body behind the south county Civic Center next to Lawton Childs Memorial Park about one forty five PM middle of the day just like the book yes well he dumped her and then the car was found at home depot so little difference there and someone heard a gunshot and they saw the woman being dumped out of the car six six on the day of the murder a witness called nine one one after hearing the gunshots and the woman being pushed out the passenger side of the black Mercedes SUV assailant took off in her vehicle and when it was later found in a nearby home people as I said and detective bill Springer worked the case for years and I don't know if they've linked to this to the big key Keogh and the Jane doe situation but there's so many similarities he seems to like black SUV is let's start there he seems to like the town center mall that's number two there's going to be AT there's going to be a ton of other similarities that they don't tell you about but what's interesting with this one is that he didn't get much money she didn't have a check book she didn't have an ATM at our cards are maxed out so that might be why he shot her because he didn't get anything he was frustrated but she was a mother of two she's shop at the mall left about one sixteen and they didn't know what happened in the half hour leading up to the killing so if you drove around or what happened but he believes US Springer the detective believes the motive was robbery then the guy realize you would get a lot of money from her yeah but see if the book of police are leaking and then they know something we don't which means they have more information that they're not releasing that only the killer would know yeah and which they always do they took up the person took her purse her cell phone and her white puma sneakers okay have never been recovered whereas Nancy stuff was found in Miami well maybe so that somewhere else so there's been to be kept at different theories over the years potential suspects but so far nothing as you know if you think about this in this day and age with DNA would surveillance with everything in the world that they have as far as high tech stuff at the crime lab you would think they'd be able to find this guy so don't forget there's a reward for any information that leads to arrest conviction in these unsolved killing the catch the **** of bird of all right thank you welcome thank you Jim for us.

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