Santa Fe, Wadsworth, Cherry Creek Dam discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


And weather together every ten minutes on the tens John Morrissey. Eastbound sixth avenue real slow coming out of Lakewood, you're heavy and slow from Wadsworth. There's a crash near Sheridan. It's driving you crazy trying to get over the I twenty five also a pretty slow drive on southbound I twenty five from Santa Fe down into the tech center. Southbound juju five is a mess. You're backed up solid back to Mississippi because of an accident after Parker road actually before Parker. It's after I love it's in the middle of a big blob of traffic that we've been dealing with all week long. Because a lot of people who use the cherry creek dam road to get into the tech center. Can't it's closed this week for maintenance and repairs. And so there are a lot of them are on I twenty twenty-five messing up. You drive getting down from the Aurora area into the center eastbound C, four seventy at Santa Fe. You've got an accident there. That's really slow as you make your way past Kipling and Santa Fe. What's clear that you're good until you get passed loosen then you'll slow down again that's at normal traffic heading into the tech center. Eastbound eighty eighty-five real heavy that westbound C four seventy drive loaded up around two eighty five getting up toward I seventy west side towns start to see that usual slowing now on westbound, I seventy between Wadsworth and Kipling and wardrobe over fifty eight I seventy six westbound heavy through commerce city a boulder turnpike. Westbound heavy beginning up into boulder that starts at Sheridan. And both sides of two seventy very slow this morning. The rest of your drive out to the airport. You look good. When you get depend you boulevard. Don't see any problems on. And wait times are pretty typical edit DIA. This report is sponsored by the Colorado department of transportation might be okay on the second or third day. But not the first day because being late for the first date is a red flag. Don't be late take the express lanes when it matters. Most get more info at express Lane's dot CO, DOT dot gov. Next update at eight ten KOA NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station..

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