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Dave. We've had great conversations already you this morning with professor matt dickinson secretary lindsay curly and with governor phil scott and <hes> our forth gifts this morning is steve perkins the director of the vermont historical society the hundred and how many year old organization steve that's been been <hes> <hes> serving our state <hes> <hes> presenting the past educating reminders about our history. It's great to have you on the show. Well thank you very much. I always say almost a two hundred years well. It's close enough for government work but i think i'm sure i'm listeners know the vermont. Historical society is headquartered in berry has a library the museum there and of course the vermont history museum and the pavilion building in downtown montpellier <hes> but of course you have a lot of activities <hes> all across the state as well and <hes> we appreciate <hes> all that you do to to keep reminders touch with our very storied past. I know one thing you're you're working on <hes> so now steve is the installation of the second series statue that during the dome of the the state house in a permanent home. Tell us about that yeah absolutely so you know we all watched with rapt attention. As the crane took the the <hes> i think beloved statue off the top of the state house <hes> last last year and a brand new statue went up gorgeous modern sculpture <hes> <hes> but i think we i was asking well what's going to happen with the statue that came down and we were approached by the state curator's office about about <hes> providing a permanent home for that sculpture which was done in nineteen thirty eight <hes> epa vermont historical society <hes> we of course have off of portions or pieces of the original statue carved by larkin meet way back in eighteen fifty eight <hes> in our collection so it it seemed to make a a really nice display so that we could talk about <hes> that early decoration of the state house and we'll be putting it in the front end vermont history museum so you can you can take a look at it and then you can actually peek out the window or step out onto the porch and and see the current statue <hes> on top of the state house <hes> as it is is right now <hes> but it it hasn't been an easy process to get this statue ready for the exhibition well interestingly <hes> each of the previous two statues as lasted almost exactly eighty years <hes> but i gather that the folks who are of the new one hope that it'll last longer as i write yeah. The artist chris miller has this one is going to last a hundred years so <hes>. I'm not sure i'll be around to test that theory but <hes> we have him on on the record saying that this statue that came down <hes> you know ultimately once it it it came down in a warehouse and under the care of a conservative it it it. It's okay <hes> you know the it was certainly waterlogged. I think with a reading was ninety. Seven ninety eight percent of water water content <hes> when a probe was stuck into it but it hasn't been completely dried out. It's stable now. <hes> there was a bit of loss around the shoulders shoulders and certainly a bit of wash near the bottom of the statue or at attached to the top of the state house <hes> but the the conserved conservatives down or the guy who fix six artwork <hes> down in kuichi. You've done a wonderful job with the head <hes> and that'll be reattached to the body. The part of the bottom of the statue is going to be sliced off of it. It gets rid of some of the rotten pieces allows us to mount it safely and fitted inside the room. Which is the front front room of the historical society museum in pewter. We hope to have that installed kind of mid october. We're planning a big unveiling the last weekend of october the twenty the twenty sixth of that month you can come in and <hes> see the statue inside to see it up close <hes> as well as seeing the tools that that dwight do i now used took to carve the statue and i think jim you knew that the.

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