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Is the Pony Express here's Andrew Phillip phonies yeah it's always challenging when you have significant turnover and I think it's yeah I would say it's like climbing amount you know in every time you climb the mountain the next year you start right at the bottom right with everyone else and you have a new group of people your new group of climbers you get different tools you can use and it won't start the same place and you just got a there's no way to do other than just start working your way up and that's what we're doing now it's you can't get to the top in two days it's going to take a long you know it's a long year to long grind and everyone's gonna the guys who are who make the team dirtbill burned they'll put us in a better position to be the best team could be so I don't know how that all shakes out you know it's competitive you know I'm compete every day the receivers are the line is you know it's it's competitive in the defense and we got a you know if we want to be the best thing would be we gotta compete as far as we can and see how that competition shakes out Tom Brady and NFL network as he embarks on season number twenty in the NFL's one hundredth year so he's been around for a fifth the football history Tom Brady the patriots quarterback looking to defend his title this year and he's gonna have to do it without rob Gronkowski and that's all we're going to start this conversation this hour on the Pony Express CBS sports radio comedy from the rocket mortgage by quicken loans studio rocket mortgage with you every step of the way to provide a seamless mortgage experience at eight five five two one two four C. B. S. that's eight five five two one two four two two seven I'm gonna cut right to the chase here and I don't know how many patriots fans we have in the audience I think the only people who would take this following comment the wrong way would be patriots fans even though it's not at all a disrespectful commentary or statement on the organization it's just a matter of right now who gets the credit for what the patriots are defending champs going into the season if you look at Las Vegas as the odds on favorite to repeat in when another Superbowl the twenty nineteen given the benefit of the doubt over and over and over again and at this point I'd give the lion share the majority of the credit to bill Belichick because I think if you had it in fear your coach if you had a coach who was a tear below bill Belichick and everybody in the league is at least a tier below ballot Jack if Pete Carroll is coaching last year's doing with patriots there's no way New England wins another championship they going to Kansas city and they lose they lose that game the chiefs are playing in the Superbowl set the patriots if you give.

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