Rams, LEE, Defensive Coordinator discussed on Redskins at Seahawks (joined in progress)


Their game plan and he has three touchdowns are receiving no ought to go along with five rushing touchdowns but you know he hit the confidence in this guy's skyhigh he's had a resurgence we didn't hear much about targets early last season because the rams really weren't that good and you think about last year at how bad their running game was he was had terrible vision because there was no olds there they approve the offensive line now he has a lot of confidence there's holes to be run behind he's a tough tough runner and the rely on him in the fourth quarter this team scores thirty point they take lee's into the fourth quarter they have an effect the running game and that's what targets really is therefore they hold on the time of possession and that's how they went football game in the fourth quarter also changes on defense they move from a four three two or three four now that weight phillips is ready to show has the defensive coordinator coordinated allowing just twenty points per game they've health each of their last three opponents under twenty and the most impressive aspect is that they collected 23 sacks that's tied for seventh at the nfl ten different players have at least one sack eight have at least two including defensive tackle ira donald who wait philip says as at knack forgetting to the quarterback in his case and the real great defensive lineman been trying to get a mona warn if you can get him on on you know he's gonna make boys he's going to pressure the quarterback your make plays in the back is great or that's where we have to do the coaches and make sure that they can't come buys wade phillips zohdi jeff he's a special player but i think it's eating justice if you just say the giants have to worry about airing donald when they are stacked in the front set their fraud seven what do you think about this five omar first rounders you have mark baron israeli i converted safety has moved into the live back in precision lead the team worth fifty tackled alex over trees another linebacker their linebackers are very very physical and they are.

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