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To get vaccinated to protect themselves and those around them. You have kept New York City's public transit moving That is why you are essential workers at the front of the line to receive a Corona virus vaccine take advantage of it. He also explained the vaccine is safe and the best way to fight back against the pandemic. I'm Lisa G. W. Awarded President Biden's fine begins. The virus is taking aim at international travelers. He signed an executive order yesterday for people traveling to the country to quarantine for seven days after their arrival. It also says to follow a new CDC mandate that requires a negative cove. It test at least three days before flying to the U. S. That mandate goes into effect next Tuesday. The new president already signed an order requiring mask in airports and on many planes, trains, ships and Busses. But business is located near Trump Tower here in the city are hoping that security downgrades will mean a return to a little bit of normalcy. Now the president Trump has left office. James Flipping is more turns out four years of road closures. Constant heavy NYPD presence and protests tends to be bad for business, big deterrent to shoppers and therefore big return to commerce. That's East Midtown Partnership President Rob Burns, He says, the disruptions can't end soon enough. Anything we can do to bring more people in and make people more comfortable. When they're shopping is extremely important. East 56 Street remains closed while any potential threats or investigated, But the security bubble will eventually start to deflate given Trump is moving down to Florida full time. The NYPD and Secret Service are developing a scaled down long term security plan. James for been w O R News. W o R News time is 12 03 time to check W O R SPORTS As you heard Right here. We hope you were with US Rector's lost to Penn State in college hoops action last night Final scores 75 to 67 on the ice, The Islanders beat the devil's 4 to 1. Tonight we have the Nets playing the Cavaliers. Once again, the Rangers will hit the ice against the Penguins,.

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