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AI and security solutions to the public sector learned Maura dlt dot com slash IBM E'EN Crawford w T o p. Traffic STORM team 44 Day forecast. Now, as we look at our current conditions with math Ritter Dmitri in terms of the store's progression is moving right along. We've seen just about all the Accumulating snow. We're going to get out of this storm. There's gonna be another burst of some, maybe briefly. Modern, heavy snow along the I 81 quarter over the next couple of hours. Some areas like front royal. Maybe even northern flock here County up into the Winchester area. Panhandle, West Virginia, Loudon County, and eventually, Frederick and Carol counties in Maryland may get another burst of minor accumulation with that last piece of the storm, but for the rest of us not so much anymore. Wintry mix, however, will continue to have a wintry impact for the next several hours before everything from the storm winds down shortly after midnight before the morning rush, Now close to D. C. The Beltway area extreme northern Virginia and South Eastern Maryland. The primary precipitation type right now is just playing reign as a lot of temperatures. There are now a few degrees above freezing but still sleeping, freezing rain and the northern and western suburbs. And that's not going to change any time soon. Chapters will hold steady for the next couple of hours that go down. Couple more degrees overnight. Tonight Those will be the upper twenties to mid thirties Esso. In some spots, the freezing icy conditions will continue. And some other spots will have to keep an eye on the possibility of a re freeze s. Oh, definitely Still use caution this evening and early tomorrow morning tomorrow During the day the storm will be out of here. A blustery northwesterly wind will help dry out some of the roadways. Especially the ones that are treated and plowed and then diminishing winds later the day a cold one highs will only be in the mid thirties to near 40 tomorrow night, most of speed going down into the low to mid twenties. So tomorrow night's re freeze will also have to be watched for treacherous conditions than Friday. During the day, partly study brisk and cold, mid thirties to dear 40 Saturday mostly cloudy upper thirties to upper forties 31 degrees right now, in Hall D, but 37 Waldorf 32 with the Cleveland Park neighborhood in D. C. Alright, man, Thank you knew this evening, A former Prince George's County police officer has been sentenced for sexually assaulting another officer. W T O peacemaking, Cloherty reports He will spend the next seven years in prison state's attorney for Prince George's County, Aisha, Brave boy says when the victim stood before the judge to give a statement ahead of lieutenant Richard Talent sentencing, she surprised the courtroom with her bravery. Her first words.

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