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Business analyst Jill Slazenger I thought one really great feature of this was the extension of unemployment benefits for an extra four months correspondent Nancy Cordes has more on the next steps coming from Capitol Hill once it passes in the Senate has to go to the house where they're hoping to pass it by something called unanimous consent which would enable them to do it without bringing all the house members back to Washington DC but it would require every house member to agree to that some of that money will go to hospitals most of which need ventilators protective equipment and other supplies to keep operating never McGinley is an emergency medicine doctor in Philadelphia we all feel like we're standing on a beach in watching this giant tsunami come and it just feels like the calm before the storm CBS news update I'm Peter king and we have more on the sweeping economic package from WTOP's Mitchell Miller today on the hill the Senate's number two Republican John Thune says relief can't come soon enough for millions of Americans this is about getting paychecks in the hands of American workers the twelve hundred dollar paychecks would come with five hundred dollars for each child there's also a huge part of the legislation that will go toward helping small businesses Maryland democratic senator Ben Cardin has worked with Republicans to help those businesses get more assistance and part of that will be through the creation of new programs that can turn loans into grants to help small businesses maintain their payroll so workers can keep their jobs curtain speaking on Skype the economic stimulus plan is the largest in the country's history on Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTOP news the number of positive coronavirus cases in this region continues to rise we are now at eight hundred ninety six cases in DC Maryland and Virginia Maryland has jumped to four hundred twenty three cases with more than seventy four cases reported in a twenty four hour period it is the largest single day increase in the state D. C. also had its biggest jump in twenty four hours adding forty six cases the total in the district is now one hundred eighty three and Virginia has two hundred ninety cases the Maryland department of health says a fourth patient in the state has died at prince George's county man in his sixties who suffered from underlying health conditions so far we know a combined thirteen people have died in DC Maryland and Virginia both Maryland governor Larry Hogan and DC mayor Muriel Bowser are set to speak in about a half hour with updates on coronavirus efforts Hogan is expected to make an announcement on the state of Maryland schools as well we will bring you the latest details as they come in more metro closures have just been announced on top of the Arlington cemetery in Smithsonian stations that were shut down a few days ago WTOP's Max Smith is tracking metro twenty four seven seventeen more stations across the region are closing for some other stations are walkable for others there's no alternative being provided for the few essential writers still on board in Maryland closures include Morgan Boulevard college parking Grosvenor Strathmore in Virginia closures include Virginia square Clarendon east falls church Eisenhower Avenue in van Dorn street in DC stations closed include federal triangle Mount Vernon square in Cleveland park trains will pass through without stopping but metro can move stuff around in metros dance Dessel says won't have to disinfect those stations anymore we're down to like a two to three weeks supply of certain categories of cleaning that's what's in the warehouse some other stations will have one of their entrances closed next month WTOP news coming up the worsening situation in New York City ten thirty four adamantium our dedicated team keeps governments most critical programs running safely and effectively from critical supply chains to reducing our government's top nuclear environmental.

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