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David Axelrod. Jeff Weaver, we grew up in tiny, Vermont town near the Canadian border, became a household name, at least in politics in two thousand and sixteen as a campaign manager for his old friend and client Bernie Sanders. He's written a book about that experience called how Bernie one inside the revolution that's taken back our country and where we go from here and where where he goes from here and where Bernie Sanders goes from here was one of the things we talked about when he came by the institute of politics last week and sat down with me. But they had can't Cambridge Analytica. They had. They did. They did. They did absolutely tens of millions of dollars in the background. Absolutely. But. They also got. Millie, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars of free television exposure he twice as much as she got. Yeah, she got twice in the primaries. It was overwhelming. I mean, part of it was they claimed if you talk to people at CNN or elsewhere, they'll say, you know, we offered the same opportunity to other people. They didn't take advantage of it. I don't believe that I could tell you stop Selena, true. I remember election nights, you know that when they were still a bunch of Republicans and Bernie and Hillary and you know, we everybody tried to stagger their election night speeches in order to seventy gets covered. Right? And they said, we just want you all to know that if Trump comes out, right, we're cutting truck. You know, this is the thing. I mean at some level. And he knows this and he cynically manipulates. Media, you know, the news business is a business. I mean, there is a trust associated with it and the people try and balance it. But anyway, we can talk about all this, Michelle wolf at the at the Washington correspondents' dinner. I was there the camera to me because at the end she says, I know you all say you hate Trump, but I think you really love him because he sells your newspapers and sells advertising on TV and the Roma silent except for me in the cameras to me and that she was absolutely right, totally, totally. In keeping with your your image and your and your style and your history. It was true. It was. She added that on. I mean, he was immediate creation and then they tried to kill him afterwards, you know? Yeah, yeah. Well. The truth is he's still paying off like a slot machine for them. Yeah. So you know you, you're in there. I mean, the political. I was talking to bunch of reporters before the election general show, and they're like, well, when I'm going to doing after, you know the political departments get winnow down after the general election, of course they're bigger than ever. Right? I mean, well, and as you say, they're going to start with, you know, the mid terms have taken on this disproportionately important disproportionate importance and then you're right into, you know, it never stops in never repetitive beleaguered voter. Yeah, right, exactly. Samuel in the driver seat today. I Sam. This Jeff Weaver. I will do an introduction later. Some just going to jump right in short and you're going to have to bear with me because some the show is partly by graphical impart contemporaneous and I read somewhere that you you don't like talking about yourself? I'm not. I'm not a Greg. I mean, I like I'm like Bernie in that way. Yes. Yeah. Go ahead. It's fine. I'll all with when he was here. Who for my first ever show he? He was pretty good. Actually. We talked about Brooklyn, the dodgers leaving. And yeah, no, no, that's fine. Yeah. Yeah, of course, absolute. My favorite was at the end of that show said to him, you two thousand kids waiting for you at the university and five hundred more in an overflow room. And I said, you are the most unlikely rockstar, then he said, just don't talk to me about those selfish..

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