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Was one of them She. Says she felt the plane hit the ground twice during the crash the second impact was. Stronger she says that's when her head hit the ceiling then she saw flames. In the cabinet in front of her of the ninety nine passengers and four members of the flight crew forty nine people ended up in the hospital amazingly government. Officials say everyone on board survived I'm Andrew Spencer Detroit. Will limit the number of marijuana dispensaries operating of the city to seventy five through a new city ordinance Detroit city council is also okay to plan for the major development on a well known piece of property the former. Public housing project known as. Brewster Douglass council, approving a development agreement and commitment of ten. Point two million dollars towards. A. Proposed three hundred million dollar development for the former Brewster, Douglass housing project this. Plan pass on a seven to two. Vote but not, until the developer addressed concerns from some of the council members who wanted to ensure the proposal Development. What have, an adequate number of. Affordable housing units that proposed development will have, at least twenty five percent or one hundred fifty six units. Of affordable housing units developers. Say the, plan will bring about nine hundred housing. Units Greenspace and retail space to the twenty two acre site the areas bounded by boby into the west and the Chrysler service. Drive to the east Marie Osborne WJR news the Faneuil Abraham, convicted of murder at the. Age of eleven in Pontiac now more than twenty years, later he has been released from prison a second time Abraham was convicted. Of murder in the nineteen Ninety-seven shooting of eighteen year old Ronnie green in Pontiac he spent eight years. In prison he was released but then quickly was convicted of selling drugs in two thousand ten Abraham was, convicted for assaulting prison guards he was recently released from prison according to the Michigan department of corrections. Go to jail news time coming up on ten, four here's Steve Courtney sports good morning once again my friends Tigers better the reds in the opener the The two game series last night to one game over in two hours eighteen, minutes, Matthew Boyd very effective for hits in eight scoreless innings, reds and Tigers wrap up the series one ten this. Afternoon Mike fires gets the ball for the Tigers he's seven six three point five four the r. a. meanwhile at the trade deadline just one move for the Tigers yesterday center fielder. Leonis, Martine now a member of, the Cleveland Indians in exchange for. Double a shortstop, Willie Castro a bad season for the match just got a lot worse last night as they fall. To the Washington nationals how about. This twenty five, to four at Mark's New York's worst loss in their fifty seven. Year history lions back on the practice. Field in Allen park is training camp continues and former lion's head coach, Jim Caldwell back in football not in the National, Football. League he is going. To be. Consulting WWE, chairman Vince McMahon as they relaunch the XFL Steve, Courtney Sports, traffic and, weather first on the fives up, next Ten five that's happening right now here's Mark. Mitchell WJR traffic versus. Sponsored by Phillips sign and lighting car fire in Detroit ninety. Four westbound at Cecil street police to their fire department there traffic squeaking by in the left lane and accident in Brownstown at seventy five northbound after Dix Toledo. Highway eastbound, 696 agreed. Field accident in the right lane southbound Southfield grand river..

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