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Racing against. Time saying goodbye. I'm Michael Toscano US and Canadian negotiators are racing. Against the clock now today as President Trump's deadline for modernizing NAFTA the North American Free trade agreement u s and Canadian trade representatives met late into the, night last night but didn't. Finalize a deal they're trying again this morning with Mexico. Expected to rejoin the talks at some point Trump is described as prepared to quickly wrap up the trade tussle with China imposing another two hundred billion dollars worth of tariffs. On Chinese goods coming into, the US, products, including clothes, bicycles Scott Carr reports on. The Chinese reaction top Chinese officials have warned that such hardline pressure won't work on China as administration officials remain divided over how. Hard to push Beijing talks aimed at easing tensions ended last week without any major breakthroughs worry over wrapping up, a trade war send, global stock markets lower today with pre market trading showing Wall Street possibly opening lower later this hour Capitol Hill is getting ready, to say goodbye Senator John McCain with a ceremony in the capitol rotunda and the. Public allowed to view his casket lying in state this, afternoon, more from. Suzanne Malveaux he will lie in state here. At the US capitol later this morning and we are going to. See many of the people who are in Arizona but also many of the people that he worked with side by side we expect it of course the, family Cindy McCain will be. Here has one hundred six year old mother Roberta McCain. Will be here and his grown children including Megan a thousand members of the public are being allowed into Aretha Franklin star studded six and a half hour funeral in Detroit. Church getting underway later this, morning correspondent, Ryan, young says, the fans have turned out. Big time but a few hours ago they said that people from the general public show here all lined up at this point. Because they want to pay their respects to the Queen of soul the Kremlin says it's possible that Russian President, Vladimir Putin could hold, three summits with President Trump this year a Kremlin spokesman saying they could take place in Singapore France and Argentina I'm Michael Toscano This advertisement is brought to you by are you drowning in debt are you struggling to make minimum payments did you know that on average a household with at least one credit card struggles with, over ten thousand in credit card debt if this. Sounds like you.

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