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I've heard all your join with you. Shut up. Set up for failure. That's my worst of the weekend, my best. And not just blew out everything from the weekend. All right. Mclovin vestment. All right. My best is I got see mission, impossible fall out this weekend and it was Drennan pumping. Loved it, Tom Cruise. Awesome. Henry Cavill. Awesome. Had no idea that there was a four and five. So I was behind on the plot you have you seen those movies mission? Impossible lately, I'm crews really one of them, I think, yeah, it was pretty much the same deal. Really fun second-best Oregon, quarterback. Justin Herber threw five touchdowns on ten completions. All of a sudden he is the NFL buzz worthy name want to jump on early and worse has also fritzy's Bessemer. All right, paulie Bessemer so that we set up for failures, the new Todd, Fritz book. I don't go to the board back there. Seven percent jets, but dental looking. That's a look in where we have time to do that. Not best in worse for the weekend sit. The audio was working. I mean, we were all the only person who couldn't hear the audio because you weren't wearing headphones foot times where you can hear the audio, even if you don't have your head from poly. What else do you? I would like to stay with us for another hour. Best of the weekend, Georgetown Hoyas Hoya football beat. Maersk Gunther Johnson, the quarterback four touchdowns worse. Keep an eye on this quarterback. He's been a lot of fun. Kaelin Newton. He had the upset last year for how university and Howard University quarterback the bison Kayla Newton through three TS ran for one. They almost upset Ohio, our university, good football, see, no counter best rumors the weekend I'm best. The weekend is actually this recipe that I've found, it's a trigger recipe. I made pulled pork this weekend on the grill, and they have a recipe by it's by one of their pros. This dude Timothy Hollingsworth. He's a chef. In LA it's pulled pork with hot, vinegar, holy moly, dude, it's I'm not good at cooking. Anything I could grill a little bit. It's unreal. It's fantastic. It's usually when I make something I'm like, this is okay, so it's a bad this I was like, damn, this is really good. It's awesome. You guys should try. Maybe we should do it for meat Friday, sometime. All right. It's awesome. My other best of the weekend, we'll grew for Heisman. I forgot about mentioning Texas. When you're when you're talking about debuts, Texas is loss against Maryland. You had UCLA losing to Cincinnati. Florida state offense on scoring a touchdown against Virginia Tech. I feel like Penn State should still be. Yeah. All right. You got out of there yet fairly. That's still a loss. That's a lost dog. Yes. Bong, Dan, you're one hundred percent, right? The fact that Texas losing the Maryland is not a bigger deal is a real indictment of Texas. I thought, and I still think Texas is going to be really good this year, but you lose to Maryland. What was the other one we talked about? So Florida state, Michigan? Well, Michigan gone to Notre Dame, you know, that's that's tough. It's just there's a pattern here with Michigan. They lose on the road like ranked opponents, they're horrible. You got. You gotta beat Michigan state. You got to beat Ohio State like these are things you just have to check off the list. Be one of them. But this is I understand, braille and Edwards prostration. We'll come back and I'll read some of the things that he had to say about Michigan. Football. I got suspended with the big ten network. We'll talk about that more of your phone calls best and worst of the weekend right after this football season is here and And no no one one covers. covers football podcast. One sports net, we've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park RJ bells dream preview and Ross Tucker's fantasy feast podcast. They're just creating more work for.

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