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Appears headed for another showdown with the Bengals commissions of instructed the administrator to negotiate a deal with the symphony on a new music venue at the banks. On a plot of land that's now used for tailgating before, football games emissions want to move forward with the project even though Bengals under, Mike Brown has made it clear he opposes that site My job is to help our fans have what they want for our fans it is. Better for them if they have this area for tailgating Bengals have veto, power of ready new development at the banks Brown believes the, concert venues should be built, up closer to the restaurants and the bars there Commissioner Chris bond Zell talks about the dispute at nine oh, six this morning with our, Scott Sloan vote comes today in Clermont county over plans to build a new FC Cincinnati training center in Milford part of the deal is a hike in the local hotel tax. To help pay for the project commissioners meet at. Ten AM at the county administration building, in, Batavia another case of hepatitis involving a food handler in the tri-state this time a worker at the Taco Bell on state route twenty eight Miami township county health departments warning anyone who's eaten there to watch for symptoms of the virus last week when a worker at. The syndicate Newport tested positive for appetite a. Health department there advise people await at the banquet Senator. To get vaccinated against Hepatitis a.. Mount airy teen is dead after a shooting last night on Hawaiian terrace nineteen year old Jalen McCoy was killed in a twenty year old woman wounded no arrests have. Been made in the case anyone with any information is asked to call, crime stoppers at three five to thirty forty police, mourning the, loss of one of their, top commanders fifty four year old Kimberly Williams the first African American female who reached the rank of captain chief, Elliott is calls her a, trailblazer in the city who will be sorely missed me expect to find out today Ohio State head football coach urban, Meyer will face any discipline over. Allegations that he covered up domestic abuse involving an. Assistant coach the assistant is no longer with. The team and Mayer has been on leave while the school investigates if he did anything wrong dramatic comeback for the reds last Milwaukee and a high fly ball had back into right field that he get an all he did about that genetics Homer the bottom of the ninth with two outs self empower the reds to a nine seven win over the brewers..

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