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Family colleagues leading political figures i don't have a premier date set for that film yet but hbo is working on i'm kelly clarkson is going to host the two thousand eighteen billboard music awards on we love her cannot get hosted today the five really amazing five of the like eight outfits of beyond see work oh you too words again okay yep may something nbc's airing it for the first time and she's on the voice so i decided to do that riana accessorising with bracelet that doubles as a flash you know that i've already but i have to tell you my friends and i were looking at that someone had that at a baseball game yeah mommy's had it it's a rose gold bangle the that looks like it's fabulous in order to you should always order to if you i didn't realize i wonder if it's probably a thousand dollar rate fancy well no they well this nine on amazon hold up to three and a half ounce of any adult beverage or a non adult beverage and we don't want to tell people bought it because we don't want them to start looking at your wrists and noticing which one it is announces though that's a big bracelet will be carried up here to try and put it around my neck anklet lori i'm just gonna balk vamp nothing i can't take it just too many khloe and little true thompson they are now on their own with tristen the family private jetted out of cleveland he the left her behind too soon to leave that is way too soon why leave her with him people don't want a lot i think he is still there is there and not sure hopefully they have a nanny or somebody they do and she's just not raise it's hard to be in a city by yourself when you know one and you have a newborn regardless of how much money you have and credit a guy at your matt chris is like you know nobody works harder than the devil than me so let me go home and write out get some new story ideas of how we can play this hour i'm going to get you away from him baby girl don't you know don't you think they're not gonna stay together no it'll wrap up joining the name true credentialing and that would be so much better.

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