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What do they want and Wendy do they want it? Thousands of teachers walk off the job in LA. We're going to go live to the scene. By now, we've got probably sports at three fifteen Kevin the rat is here to tell us what the as and Tyler and Murray are gonna work out. Yeah, Murray, the as are scrambling to agree to some sort of accommodation to pursue a baseball career Murray the Oklahoma quarterback fresh off a Heisman Trophy winning season declared for the draft today. Remember the as drafted him ninth. Overall this summer the baseball draft gave him four point six six million dollars in a signing. Bonus Murray had a great season though as quarterback at Oklahoma pass for over forty three hundred yards through forty two TV's ran for a thousand yards and twelve more touchdowns. He is expected to be a first round pick in the upcoming NFL draft. He can make more money right away in the NFL. Then he can't in baseball on last the as put him on the forty man roster and signed him to a big league contract this morning. The chronicles beat writer with the as Susan's fluster said there is still hope regardless. Even if he declares to the draft the as retainers baseball rights, even if he signed with an NFL team, he as retainers baseball rights should he not get drafted where he wants to get assets. Should he get drafted by team? He has no interest in Glencore or if he gets hurt and underperforms in handful. He could always go back to the Murray could become the first player to be a first round draft pick in baseball and a first round pick in the NFL draft. But he cannot play both at the same time. Not with the demands of becoming an NFL quarterback. He'll have to choose one sport or the other the as. I guess their position players report February fourteenth, and the NFL combine is February twenty sixth the giants signed colander or one year contract worth seven million well-deserved in tennis at the astray and open. First round winners include Federer now, doll Wozniacki and Sharipova. Andy Murray in his farewell to the.

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