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Using thirty seconds. You before birth bradley. Brad how is it to have competed thousand plummeted trip around and one almost say. I don't think the win win too much to be honest but now obsolete designed what was the hardest part fee goodell's in buffalo so it's quite often Mainly the heat the heat today and yesterday was the worst thing and you didn't expect before it wasn't really forecasted was in say yes api wearing wearing a winter racy which is gonna thamel ru bafing arrived with it wrapped around his waist ditches. There's nothing you can do right now. This morning i literally stopped for a few hours. I was like rod in my route but free and so i didn't get too hot but then even in the sonos to So out stop for and article while may as well just wrap it round me and chelsea could've done if out of older per t. Shirt on was actually caught russia. And how was your ride. Powell so you got your second by about thirty seconds and you said you're waiting for a train for about five minutes into your. It wasn't five minutes. Two minutes just feels the red light. Yeah i was thinking to do like another country no I used to delegates input on the. I'm what was you You know there was some heavy climbs It wasn't much from the root probably a traffic today. Second day of the second part of today in a moment. My lasagna was gonna run out. So then i started recording on here and now that's disappeared. Finish onto different voices so alcohol to sleep deprived to out up understandable. Okay i'm just going to get the stats from the ride from powell. Because bradley's ride is in two parts to out of say distance distance nine hundred fifty six ace climbing funding thirty thousand seven home family. Yeah number two thousand nineteen was like nine nine thousand fifty percents increase and what else they want average Average moving speed over the forty seven hours impressive for i was stop for to draw to the six minutes. Right for hours stopped overall too much. It's interesting because didn't you in nineteen. Didn't you earn. He only rack up about twenty minutes of stopping or something like sleep. Okay but this year. I was wondering how you know every checkpoint you have to stop you have to find the answer for the question nowadays there and some checkpoints most of them. Actually i did through the night so finding the you know. How old was the cango. Something like that of the business you go and you just looking around trying to find the checkpoint. The checkpoint is often like statue then or something. And they'll have some information on there that you have to face. Silverdale was a sign for a war. And i was looking i was like yeah torches out i guess i assumed that there would be someone saying individual. He would sign you off but no. It's not quite that easy. The most important point. I mixed the names and i read the question for the wrong checkpoints about the gate and i was checking all the gates around looking for this signal initials that they were supposed to be on the reservoir. You know spend like fifteen minutes for for looking at it. And then and then i stopped. I mean look at the nines again. And i realized them looking at the route. So that's probably why such along stops. I would say ten minutes for every checkpoint checkpoints which is one hundred meters. Yeah well there we have it. After a thousand kilometers. It came down to thirty seconds. I i really couldn't believe it was nail biting. It was thrilling. It was so different from a normal bike race but just so similar and yeah. I guess i'm hooked kind of want to go that next year myself and it was a little bit mean of me to show the mike in the face of two completely dead participants but i guess i just wanted to catch up a little bit on a couple of the other people racing who we didn't get to catch up with at the finish first off. I spoke to nicki shaw about her journey. So nicky. i work up on monday morning. Seeing your dark on gray which meant that. You had to scratch what happened because it was such a great race you up until that i. So what was the story it was. It was really well So the race started..

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