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It's Andy West, and I'm here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history, we'll start off way back in 19 Oh one, the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues now known as minor League Baseball, was formed at the Leland Hotel in Chicago. Jumping ahead this week in 1960 cashes clay later known as Muhammad Ali wins the Olympic light heavyweight gold medal in Rome this week in 1984 in his first NFL start, Atlanta's Gerald Riggs rushes for 202 yards. He scores two touchdowns as the Falcons beat the Saints 36 to 28 this week in 1994, San Francisco 40. Niners wide receiver Jerry Rice catches two touchdown passes and runs for another score in the Niners 44 to 14 route of the race. Years. He surpasses Jim Brown as the NFL's career touchdown leader with 127 label Today in 2000 and five Florida's Jeremy Hermida becomes the first player and more than a century and the second to hit a grand slam in his first major league get Fat connecting in the seventh inning off ST Louis Cardinals Al Reyes and this week in 2013 Peyton Manning ties, an NFL record with seven touchdown passes. Against the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens to lead the Broncos to a 49 27 win in the season opener. And that's just some of what happened this week in sports history. The weekend sports time. Dr John Deloney Ramsey, personality host of the Doctor, John Baloney Show is my co host. Today. He's also the author of the bestseller Redefining Anxiety. It's One of Our Quick reads as an 80 page. Quick read on Redefining Give you a whole new look on anxiety and, um Most everyone struggles with it at some level, some debilitating, some passing and driving by some ongoing But hey, it's a word we are all well acquainted with. So check it out. Sometimes it helps it to, uh It makes it behave to give it a proper name. Just demystifies the whole thing. There you go to properly label things and Not not falsely identify yourself with them..

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