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The snowy roads though road crews are applying sold water or brind to the road surface and then rock salt craig bryson of the oakland county road commission explains why they use it and how it works and the purpose of that is to help activate the salt make it a function more quickly and make it more efficient so we can use lesssolvent accomplish the same thing brice in also reminds voters to watch out for trucks with wing plows that cleared two lanes of traffic instead of one and never to pass one of those trucks on the right in beverly hills ken rogulski wjr news stay police going back to work at detroit free ways to resume their investigation to shootings that happened on i'm any four and i ninety six wjr's dick hafner reports these shootings happened last week a woman called police to say that her vehicle have been hit by gunfire in the overnight period last thursday previously two men called police saying a vehicle pulled up alongside them and some one opened fire one on i ninety four on the east side where the driver was hit in the leg and another man whose car was hit on i ninety six on the west side later a third man went to police saying he was shot at on i ninety six at first police thought the shootings were unrelated because they occurred over a short period of time separated by miles now police believe the shooter must have been driving extremely fast the only description is a silver or grey sedan dick haefner wjr news lady would high school in all girls catholic school in livonia has announced his closing its doors at the end of the twenty 18 academic year the school first opened in 1950 the announcement comes from the felicien sisters of north america the religious order that operates the school they say dropping enrollment as the reason for the closure with a sixty percent decline and its new.

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