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He'd been injured in Afghanistan and Iraq, and he became one of my most influential climbing instructors and these three experiences really just opened up my eyes completely to how all of these. Normal? Talented wonderful. Wonderful people were just being hit in the face every time they turn around by these seemingly artificial barriers just existed existed all around the world and for me, it really just solidified that there was something here that needed to be changed. It wasn't just a complex technical problem. It was like this this huge objective to try and equalize the playing field in technology and after that. The idea of working in anything but accessibility and building inclusive experiences is just a nonstarter for me. I learned so much about the people that I interacted with on a regular basis and how they use technology, how we could build technology that was actually designed intentionally to remove some of these barriers and create that equality. There was just lacking in so many different things at the time. And it really became something I was hugely invested in after that it was incredible. It's. It's interesting because I think a lot of people that I've talked with involved in accessibility issues have some personal experience that they've had to fight through themselves and it doesn't sound like that was your path you you obviously close to home with your nephew and the people you met but. You. You sort of had your eyes open to the topic not because it's something that you had struggled with personally it sounds like, right? Exactly. But just the fact that people had to struggle with that just blew my mind. It just seems so like not necessary. Janet position to do something about it, I wanted to do that. That's cool. Well, then in twenty seventeen, you made a big move across the country. You took a job at dams on as a senior product manager accessibility. I'm always interested when I talk to people in the Amazon team as to you know the things they've done in the past and then that decision to join Amazon it always..

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