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Jarra de rapport with Sam cedar. It is Tuesday, October twenty. Third, two thousand eighteen. My name is Sam cedar. There's the five time award winning majority reporting. We have broadcasting live steps from the industrially ravage Ghana's canal in the heartland of America downtown Brooklyn. USA. On the program today. Kashogi Bharti parts supposedly found in the Saudi embassy in his Don bowl as heir. John says, the whole thing was planned. Meanwhile, Republicans need a caravan just to carry their lies. And it's thirteen days until election day. Though polls and early voting numbers start to come in. Meanwhile, in New Hampshire voting restrictions struck in Georgia voting restrictions, working overtime. Supreme court shields Wilbur Ross from testifying about the sentences attack on immigrants. And the bible museum in Washington conned proving there's no trust amongst grafters. And the Trump administration continues its all assault on healthcare. And three proud boys are arrested and charged for assault in New York. And meanwhile, Trump administration starts to attack trans rights. And a bomb is found in George. Soros is mailbox happy, Tuesday, everyone. All this and more on today's. Majority report. Yes, folks. Back from the west coast Brennan. I were out there this weekend for. Political on which. I saw John fuel, sang there, and he had the best description of it. For me. He said it's like Comecon, but with a lot less integrity. And. He he was right. It was a. It was a bit of a freak show. I mean, it was nice. There were. There were plenty of fans out there of the majority report of of of t. m. b. s. antifa of course, literary hangover. Which was nice to connect with some of those people. It was also super creepy to be, you know, walking around and seeing Bill Kristol walk by or and Coulter, or some guy wearing a three cornered hat wearing a full. Patriots outfit and not being for the patriots, the football team. I mean, if you do if you dress up like that as as a mascot, that's okay. I mean, theoretically, right? You're getting paid for it and it's, it's, it's Deng tongue in cheek. But there was there was a lot of that name, but it was just it's very creepy to be walking around. I find. I don't like. You know, walking around folks like Bill Kristol. I mean, if he will, you know, obviously he needs to walk and he's allowed to walk, but I am Bula Tory. Yeah, there's like a, there's an expectation in and I don't. You know, I I don't to. I don't put the, you know, the people who work on a conference on the spot. You know, they're just volunteers. But when they're like, oh, do you want to say Hello? And I'm like, absolutely not. No, actually people falling tier to work at this thing. Well, I don't know if they're volunteers volunteers, but they they, they're just people who go to do to work. I don't think they do it for free. No, I think they get paid what I mean. But I mean, they're people they're not. They don't work for the venue. I think they work different. I was talking to somebody who's like, I wasn't going to do this one, then I decided to do it and so volunteers the wrong word. I was gonna ask who pays to go to this thing. A lot of people, I don't know, and. But it was. It was strange. The whole thing was strange. We did two panels. One was on. Mike Pence, and it was really not so much on Mike Pence as much as or directly on Mike Pence as much as it was on the question of like. Would it be worse to have Mike Pence as VP? And actually our guest of from on Monday show the prerecorded on on the almond geared Dada was on that panel, at least Jordan who had worked for Condie rice and now actually makes the point of saying that you don't longer identifies as a Republican. And the author of a of a biography on Mike Pence. And he was interesting. We may have him on Mike Pence's as sort of a terrifying figure according to his biographer, he is the most powerful. He's the..

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