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Out. That's his third travel of the night. Normally I get on this case for being a complete knobs. But tonight I'm chilling Stephen what's gotten into you. I know usually I'd be off a right now. But I gotta tell you this vivid seats thing has got me completely changed a one hundred percent authentic. And I got these great seats yesterday when a vivid seats at stress-free. Wait. What are you doing? You put mayo on my hotdog. What's the matter with you? There's the old Stephen we know. These Bs I wanna talk about the NBA finals, but we have to give the Marlins some love because Derek Jeter is turn this thing around the plan is finally coming to fruition. They're the best team in the National League since mid-may. Another series win four to five four out of five. There was a twenty eight minute be delay. I feel like Petco park has has this in its history. I'm not really sure where swarm of bees just shows up, but hopefully dancers. Petco park. I hope they didn't hurt him because Beazer important. I hear earn danger. So I don't know how you just shoe bees away. You gotta kill them all spray, the bees. And they I don't know what they were spraying them with. I always well, spray that says, hey, get outta. Yeah. We don't know wasn't smoke. It was out of a can and the bees, were falling. But I don't know if they were then picked up and released you know, they were they were killing me. You want me to reach out and ask they were done Marlins don't handle this, so they may not have an answer. But I could ask if they know what happened to the bees. I know what happened on the bees. They were killing bees out there and we're not in the position. I don't know if you're paying attention be news, but we're not in the position to be killing bees. Well as as Ron off. And says you don't wanna hurt animals. But when if it ever comes between a human's life in an animal's life in that spot. You got to you know that one's life in danger. You don't I mean, there was this one could have been anytime. I read ably. Allergic to be anytime. I read a report on bees, this. The situation is so dire that I would have rather have spread the Marlins with whatever spray that was to get them out of the stadium because we can't lose the bees, because, as I understand it, and this isn't me. Overreacting if the B's go we all go, please. I feel I like. feel like. I feel like we could survive in two thousand nineteen thousand we find some sort of replacement buying else. Thick pollen just I'm sure we can make artificial bees. Earning, create pollen crucial. Clone animals impure. You can make pollen how complicated we make? Why do we cloned be? That is a good question. Write this down is run on today or tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow. That's a good question for Ron. Why haven't we been these cloning? Cricket again. Right. You do get off the Mike. Sometimes David, it's another Mike picks it up in the background..

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