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Me time here in canada we have The portuguese that to have lots of ice right that is occurring club every corner. We do have really good coal cheese right. Canadian coaches in brazil is a little bit more challenge. Like who is there to teach right now. They have one coach there His name is scott He's canadian but mirrored of a brazilian. Anyway he's there. He's good but he's the of person there. That could teach don't staff but the long process except by sap is growing there but for me Having the possibility to be hearing candidates all the help of ice scopes availability in coaches to help us out the ring brazilians to the ice and make them competitive teams. It's it's great. So how's the national teams changed overtime. Have they initially was just drawn from the vancouver grew prejudice. Draw from wherever you can. Do you have a championship or playoff. How do you like your teams that compete in w cf events. Yeah every year on the brazil consideration do championship for all the categories. Right woman's votes ladies mixed doubles The last few years the championships has been happening in vancouver because the minority of the players were here though lose easier to make a competition where and most of the players were now with the renamed brazil. The plan needs to do the championships in their championship. Is user changed Usually we were doing february-march butts now. We're planning because it's in brazil may be we're going to off-season regular season don't may be may june july that's where the air is scheduling for the next Championships and then people subscribe and then they play in wins. That'd be awesome. Jonathan to your knowledge would it just would just be that arena in the arena in new zealand is the only two in the southern hemisphere. The only two dedicated curling clubs in the southern hemisphere. It has to be right. I think i can't who else at the moment because the only other federated show is the only other southern hemisphere federation. That's active at the moment. Right like in terms like putting teams in world championship events as hell. How long how long were they open before Before the pandemic hit Ago the so bad. I was there. January twenty five to savary. I or something like that. Round weakening week off Opening well i came one month thinks where already closing up for. Who was arnold ten days two weeks. Ohno just horrible timing. Yeah a things down in brazil. I've seen that it's been. It's been rough lately. That they had another spike is it. Is it improving down there to where they might be able to start bringing people into curl again soon. I hope so. I don't know on this Insult razi opening close open close. They close everything up here would would win into getting getting the the curling aspect of the arena built. Was it a was it. A group venture on behalf of the entire ice sports federation. They decided they wanted both a hockey slash skating rink and curling or do you know the history of how that how that facility wound up getting built. I know a little bit The award for the nation abs. Yes they allow all the situations Every year presents some projects or building new arenas and the cg apply Few years ago for for that sunday and they were approved don't arena was actually build with money thrown dobelis. Yes that they give a certain amount of money than they build the project in after certain amount of years they start to pay back the arena. start like that and then what's to be digi did was Instead of just through the three sheets credit is they decide to make a new bigger project..

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