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Vaccine controversy began with the publication of a research paper in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight the the paper written by a group led by andrew wakefield published in a respected british. Medical journal called the lancet. The paper reported on twelve children with developmental disorders in the royal free hospital in hampstead in north london. The parents or physicians of eight of the children were said to have linked the behavioral symptoms with the m._r. Vaccination the parents reportedly you said the symptoms of autism has set in within days of their children's vaccinations at fourteen months old q- panic meanwhile in america ferocious anti anti vaccine movement took off after wakefield toured u._s. Autism conferences including speaking at a nineteen ninety eight conference for defeat autism now and in november number two thousand appeared on the c._b._s. Network sixty minutes program linking m._m._r. with what he called quote in pedantic of autism q. massive massive panic this one mother fucker singlehandedly kicked off the current anti vaccination scare or vaccinations. Give kids autism kind head of movement then jenny mccarthy and other celebrities took his faulty research credit to the masses and well here. We are now here. I am covering the topic. Why do i call wait till the motherfucker. Why do u._s._a.'s research was faulty because i met him in a bar. One time in two thousand ten is quote washington now. Look at it. Check this out. I had quarters on the side of the pool table so i you know i could play next. That's how you do and i was grabbing a beer and he just ignore them. Ignore the quarters and sort of racquetball's. You know like he was gonna play and i was like april. My quarter stood on saturday table was fuck. I had next. I had next next and he was like oh sorry. I didn't see my apologized. Go ahead and play my bad bad and you might think what's wrong with that. You know he did the right thing that well no. You didn't whose way he said it. That made the whole fucked up. It was like his tone. He was like own-goal in line and i swore to myself one day i would slander that mother fucker talked that's crazy. That's not true. No i don't like wakefield because wakefield was later caught up in a massive scandal that revealed he was conspiring with a lawyer named richard barr who hope to raise a class action lawsuit against the drug companies that made the vaccine bar high hired wakefield to conduct clinical scientific research that would support his class action suit unbelievable wait for was a hired gun no use to scientifically provide bullshit scientific findings due to help win a bullshit lawsuit. This is why. I don't don't like this guy would always became public. Knowledge study wakefield conducted was retracted from the lancet and from july two thousand seven thousand and ten til subjected to the longest ever professional misconduct act hearing by the u._k.'s general medical council also proven the wakefield manipulated the data and has nine hundred ninety eight paper linking the vaccine to autism all right. This is very unethical. May of two thousand ten wait till was found guilty by the general medical council of serious professional misconduct banned from the medical register meaning. He can no longer practice practice medicine in the u._k. Sadly he can't keep running his stupid fucking mouth and stoking anti vacs fires. This dangerous false information quick piece of shit is now based in austin texas. He's double down on the same anti vaccine bullshit that cost him his medical license in the first place. Two thousand seventeen wakil was directly linked to an outbreak of measles among the somalia american community in minnesota and would seventy nine people were infected the vast majority of which were children at the age of ten. This came just after he visited shared his views with the vaccination rate among that group minneapolis fell from ninety two percent to forty percents..

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