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Tucker carlson. So much parking and noisy. Yelling. Our role is to take three steps back and discern what really matters, Sean Hannity. The most important thing that we do. We are looking out for the forgotten men and women in this country. Laura Ingram, they're going to get a straight shooter no-holds-barred, I'm not gonna cut people slack. Fox's the one place for dissent is allowed. We have voices. We won't be silent. Controlled my voice. Nobody fronts. News channel real news. Real honest. It was a messy day. One of the first federal trial of weather. Monsanto's weed killer roundup causes cancer one jour- out of nine was excused for financial hardship. After the first day of trial and federal judge, Vincent sharia, became infuriated. With the attorney for the man who says Monsanto's roundup weed killer gave him cancer. She brought up prior research on cancer and glyphosate and how Monsanto a ghost writing role in some of the studies on the chemical in their own product. But the judge had already ruled allegations about Monsanto's influence over research. Weren't allowed in the judge has ordered to phases of trial. And the first one Edwin Harman's attorneys have to prove the weed killer gave him cancer. And then the second phase they can argue for damages. Jessica rosenthal. Fox News requests for leniency from a man who used the police to kill an innocent, man. Using the crime known swatting facing sentencing on Friday twenty six year old Tyler. Made a plea in federal court for only twenty years in prison for his role in fifty-one swatting incidents, including one which led to the death of twenty eight year old Andrew Finch in Wichita Kansas where a police officer shot and killed pinch while responding to shooting and kidnapping threat at his address this incident was over a dollar fifty bet involving the video game series called duty. Bris attorney says his client is remorseful and hopes that the family will forgive him. Brits pleaded guilty to all the federal charges against him in November of twenty eighteen aiming Dignam, Fox News, Jerry Seinfeld. Suing a California dealer in classic cars in a dispute over weather, a nineteen Fifty-eight Porsche, he sold his authentic Seinfeld. Sought unspecified damages in his lawsuit in Manhattan federal court from European collectibles of Costa, Mesa, California. The suit comes weeks after Seinfeld was suit by company. Etienne's Porsche for.

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