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That's like that is the animating force behind what's snapshot is doing like how do we get how do we get advertising into our user base facebook obviously is i think we all understand with their facebook is open to considering a paid product it's a little ironic that evan is all like facebook should copy our privacy policy because i feel like a couple i think it was maybe a year ago when snaps launched like everybody freaked out about like their privacy concerns snap knowing exactly where they are and just like putting their stories on a map you know all the time in like they put ads in snaps that i think it was just like what's up to you're not exactly that much better because you launched his like feet like yes you have fewer information about your users because inherently they're just not adding everything about them and like showing everyone what they like but they have added features before where people have been very concerned about like privacy and you know like if anything instagram came up with the whole location tagging thing and that also have previously lead people to being robbed before so this holy copying each other trying to keep each other safe and private it's like oh we spectrum we need to name a spectrum of how spectrum booked privacy spectrum qassam shot yeah they do accidentally disclose location facebook his built a complete mathematical model of your brain in there like then they can inject you that your brain with a desire to buy anything at anytime but like what is the creep most extra most secure the targeting time is is writing in a let's call when they have the secure document viewing things the skiff skiff yeah you right in a personal paper journal wave you in a skiff in a skit with pen and paper and you have no devices with you all the way in the left yeah so like skip journal skift journal but what's the name of the spectrum the creep from the creep trump the croup jim enough to creep cambridge analytic 'cause on one in yes all the way any other end right.

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