Unkindness discussed on Rush: Holy Spirit in Modern Life


My love is the beginning of all things everything. Good. And I want you to know this love, I want you to know me. I am jealous for you. You see I want my love to consume you. I don't want anything else to get in the way, not fear. Not doubt. How can you second? Guess love. How can you second? Guess me. There is nothing else you need more than me. My love heals all your wounds. My love brings hope to the brokenhearted. My love hates fear and destroys it. When love is here. There is no room for anything else. There's no room for fear. There is no room for hate. There's no room for unkindness. There's no room for evil. There's no room for selfishness, or contempt or greed or vanity or sloth or deceit for with my love, you run to me and into my heart with my love flowing through you overwhelming, you and -habitating you you are not who you were before you are claiming your true identity. The one I have always known and loved and seen. You are not there, you you have known before you were new version of you because the false one the old man has been taken off. And the new self is born in my. Love you begin. Again, you were taking your place as the air of God. Asked me for what you need share with me, your heart's desires. Tell me all your hopes. All your thoughts. All your worries all your dreams, I want you to go deeper into my love run run run run deeper into my love for you. It is so good. It is all you want. It is all you need it here waiting for you. I am here. Weighty for you. I love you. I adore you. Come home. Come home to love. Come home to me..

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