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Was it the nineteen ninetyone northstar is that will like barely five hundred is sub five hundred team that had no pressure and made it all the way the cup final i think pittsburgh at the pittsburgh after pittsburgh beat the bruins in the wheels conference finals four games to two and was the that was the bob johnson millbury fight called on the professor goon 'isms and all that and so you got a situation here where yes the maple leafs to a degree of playing with house money but they are one hundred and five point team with high expectations but the bruins have higher expectations they did have the home ice advantage and and you got eight eight team that really played outstanding hockey all season so the pressures on the bruins going to game six and if that was that game then this is a whole different scenario here and the pressures back onto harass two and we'd no sooner got finished reading the round of ruins columnist with a c to a hater see look at what he didn't game four look at how good that was just got finished reading that that round of columns from the bruins press the bruins beat car beat writers and columnists and everybody else and then he faces thirteen shots thirteen shots last night and four them get past them including a couple i mean the one that was gloves side where he's got his glove out and it just it just goes the puck just goes right by it's like he's not seeing it and he said after the game he could made more saves with his eyes closed and that feels like i personally in some senses in some senses does it he was that bad i can't pretend you know think like a goaltender or nhl goaltender but how do you go from where he'd been to where he was is it is it just fatigue and he's.

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