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He's hot. He's sweaty. He forgot his sunglasses so he's constantly squinting and his handshake will break his daughter's boyfriends forearm. That's Doug marrone. These are the nicest clothes he owns while he's happy happy to be here to see his little sweetheart on graduation day. He really just wants to be back home in his recliner with a bag of lay's and some homemade onion dip. Do you think I nailed that yet. Doug definitely showed up forty five minutes early so you get a good seat AK the one on the end where he has the most space there it is. There's no doubt air it is. I put a lot into yes I do. Yes everything's is right. I love that my daughter is now going to be a senior. Isla daughter is going to be a fresh and have you have. You shook her. One Guy the first Guy Hi my friend Jonathan he he he thought he thought he taught me a lot too because his daughter's older and she's graduated now in Cali Somebody Hey. How do you handle this stuff because you know it's just hard because you know I I want to make sure he understands you know that this is my daughter and you know and then so I didn't know what to say so I told him I said look? If if you mistreat my daughter I promise you I will do everything in my power to ruin your life. That's good to watch my worry less but you're the head coach. You know you gotta be careful Yeah and plus my size so I always try to make sure Oh yeah you know I'm like an I don't smile which I don't normally do anyway but I don't smile and I don't really talk to them and then when they try to strike conversation. I'm just a look at them like they're all. Why are you talking? Don't don't you everything you said. We already knew all of us that are dads are are like that you know what I'm saying and as a Dad Myself Now oh aw man I'll tell you dad. I see what you're saying. Yeah <hes> say that we need to get this out in the open before this conversation gets a little bit too deep you guys I'll tell you why you guys are good. 'cause we aw going on all of a sudden.

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