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Tribal We've studio in Burlingame. Some Bay Area politicians weighing in on today's inauguration of President Joe Biden. Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown spoke with Kjos Path. Thurston has some ideas he doesn't maintain. In his speech that his ideas constant of the answer. What he did exhibit though, was that there is a place for everybody in this system, and it is in this democracy and he intends to have everybody participates. And Congresswoman Jackie Spear telling path that President Biden will use his relationships to make changes been a master of making deals when he was in the U. S Senate and hopefully, his long term relationship with Mitch McConnell will be helpful in this very important 1st 100 days. San Francisco leaders concerned the city has no coordinated effort to roll out covert 19 vaccines by public and private providers. So Supervisor Matt Haney is asking health systems like UCSF and Kaiser to detail their plans before a city committee supervisor. Haney says the city's covered 19 dashboard has been inadequate and helping residents find out where and when they can get the shots. That system went up and down. In some cases, sent dozens of text messages or no confirmation at all. There is still no public plan, and I hope that this changes in the near future for the rollout that I've seen no clear plan for outrage and no way for people to volunteer or help. Supervisors say their goal is to have 900,000 people in San Francisco, vaccinated by the end of June through mass vaccination sites and private health care providers. Cal fire lifting evacuations today for homes that were threatened by wildfires in the Santa Cruz mountains. The Panther and Freedom fires burned 100 acres, but no structures were lost to no injuries reported officials expect to have full containment of the fires by sometime this evening..

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