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On my watch. Thank you. I mean that's how I feel about an any any discrimination at all any inequality it's like for you to think that you somehow they'll never come after you for something it's A. That's it's just wrong about him. He's funny and fun. Yeah it was very funny is me of a the round mound of Kevin Leman okay. That's where we used to call the mound of game of games now. We have often joked about who is the person that's going to eventually punch corey. Pallandt the guy who was fairly certain Charles. This might have been at one. We thought it was going to be Charles Barkley so we play. We weren't GonNa scare and we told them that one of his colleagues wanted to scare him that we weren't gonNA scare them. We showed them that. We had the wrong table to do the scare. Then we played a game of five second rule against Ellen with Kevin Leman hosting thank you where we built a table that cory could hide inside and scare him from and He scared him. Yup definitely scared him and you definitely want to go. Watch this for one. Reason for my enjoyment is Kevin who would that orchestrates ninety nine point. Nine percent of the terror on put through here knew that scare was coming a new win and knew exactly what you asked once and seeing Charles. Barkley scare get scared. Watch Kevin Leman pleasure. I had watching him get scared There's really no. We'll post more startled. Dandy I wasn't scared I was startled. What you're scared. I was startled but the startling of Kevin Leman great joy hated it. Anyway here it is. Charles three things you wouldn't want to see a grandma. Do sunbathe.

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