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Police and Ellensburg are investigating the deaths of two central Washington University students Ellensburg police were called to an off campus home Thursday night before nine o'clock, Captain Dan hands various says when they arrived police found two young men both members of central's ROTC program. Twenty two year old was shot during a what's called a accidental discharge. One of the firearms. And then subsequently the other victim died of a self inflicted, gunshot wound. He says a third man a twenty three year old neighbor told police, they were all friends hands. Berry says they're still trying to piece together. Exactly, what happened appears to be that they were just a handling possibly thinking that that they were. Unloaded pans vary. Says there's no indication of foul play. See romero? Komo news. Yeah. Come on. Now has a suspected case of that mysterious paralyzing disease striking kids all across the country. This is the eighth suspected case in Washington with one of the cases confirmed to be acute flaccid myositis or FM. Willis was six berry is the director of disease control at the Yakima health district that we have is currently assessed type case requiring further testing to either confirm or rule out in is extraordinarily rare disease and the af NFL does not contagious. So it's not. A public health threat. Many affected by FM have just a bad cold at first then experience sudden paralysis in their limbs, drooping, face, and muscles and difficulty swallowing or moving. There is there's no known cause and no known cure. And as rare as it is a FM is spiking this year the centers for disease control and prevention reported that in two thousand eighteen there have been one hundred and twenty seven confirmed or reported cases nationwide. Heart surgery has become less invasive with the.

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