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Beto Rourke made it official today. He is running for president hours. After the announcement. He talked to a crowd in Iowa about the urgent need to deal with climate change. This is our final chance. The scientists are absolutely unanimous on this that we have no more than twelve years to take incredibly bold action on this crisis CPS political analysts Leonard Steinhorn, says orcas positioning himself as a candidate who is trying to offer an alternative to Donald Trump Steinhorn also says O'Rourke will undoubtedly court voters on social media. This is a guy who uses social media to be able to advance his candidacy, but also display his authenticity. He wants to come off as a non scripted candidate. Somebody who doesn't depend on focus groups somebody who's not polished somebody who's willing to order hamburgers and show his flaws in his thinking. Live to the entire country for them to see who he is. And what he's all about in last year's US Senate race in Texas, aerobic nearly upset incumbent Ted Cruz after days of pressure. The US has joined other countries all around the globe, and grounding all Boeing seven thirty-seven max airplanes, the aircraft involved in Sunday's deadly crash in Ethiopia CBS transportation. Correspondent Kris van cleave. Says some experts are questioning that move by the US grounding, a class of aircraft based on nothing, but political pressure. Former F A assistant administrator Scott Brenner says the agency should have waited for data from the jet's black boxes before making its decision. They have always been a very cooperative data driven group. And now that seems to have kinda gone to the wayside Ethiopian. Investigators have sent the black boxes to Paris to be analyzed nearly three days after.

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