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This. If you did if you are among arguably, the minority who did stay for the entire nets game tonight. You deserve a Chris Carlin Maggie gray. Bart Scott t shirt because the bottom line is when they're down twenty eight how many of you? I will how many that are listening. Obviously, you rob. But you could imagine how many hit the sack when the Nance were down twenty eight in the third quarter and a trail by twenty-five at the end of the third quarter, the two other headlines from yesterday as it was, you know, about with Mike, proud smart move, an awful lot of money and will probably be undervalued by the time. He reaches the end of the twelve years, but they get him. Listen. No. They don't have to worry about arbitration. They don't have to worry about pre agency and the Phillies can only lament that Mike trout. Will not be coming to Philadelphia unless he wants to buy a ticket and watch the Phillies play a baseball game on any day off. He might have or less. It's going to be interleague. Then I get to see him at in citizens. Bankruptcy park anytime soon. The GIO Gonzalez signing is now official. He passed a physical yesterday. It's really two days old and very smart move. I was asking earlier about what does four hundred and thirty million have in common with three million. And the answer is to smart baseball deals. What the angels did with trout and what the Yankees have done with GIO Gonzalez. Mary smart. You're talking about insurance as you know, what the Yankees you can never have enough right handed bat, you could never leave enough men in scoring position. And of course, you can never have enough pitching, especially with the CC not expected back until mid to late April. And may you're hoping that that prognostication that prediction is true Severino. So now with the low I. Are you sick with Herman with Sesa if they don't produce? You have a veteran. He didn't have a good year last year GIO Gonzalez. We all know from ninety withstanding eleven ERA was four and a half. Whatever it is. So he doesn't have the same stub as he did ten years ago, but he's a proven lefty and insurance, and listen, you need that whereas virtually and then you hear about Matanzas with the shoulder and he's on the injured list. No longer. Do they call it the disabled list because there's a difference between God knows being disabled and being injured. So Batanes is not going to be around for a while. And you know, about Severino, and if you're a Yankee fan you're hoping he's back by May Day right now it is May Day for the Yankees were two of their starting pitchers. And of course, a key, man. You're eighth-inning guy for. Sometimes seven innings sometimes ninth inning, depending on where we are and whose resting but the bottom line is Matanzas will start the season on the IRR so trout GIO. Why didn't the Mets go after GIO Gonzalez because they up Cason bargains. That's why well who needs GIO Gonzalez already. And what I'm sure that. Each of the starting five of the Metropolitans, we'll have their thirty plus starts without getting hurt at all. They have no depth whatsoever. Would have been smart what have been smart for any team, especially the Metropolitans, and certainly a very very smart move on the part of cash, but design and almost a no brainer. Let's put it that way. Especially with two starters are the outside looking in order to the phones we go and leaves calling from Plainfield. You're on the fan was happening morning. Steve good morning. What can you say? Hey, I'm one of the few to stay to watch the game. And it was incredible way to get your Carlin, Maggie and Bart. Scott t-shirt. I would rather have your t-shirt he has. But the reason I probably stayed up too many red bull. But anyway. Wait a minute. Yeah. I knew I was going to be a late night. Yeah. Listen at at twenty I wanted to take a nap when they were down twenty eight to take a nap the rebel wouldn't allow me. Well, my question is how is Jefferson. You gotta get more playing time. I mean while the Bank. Yeah. The Benchley, and and listen, get some sleep and whatever. But thank you for giving us a call. And you do deserve a t-shirt better as somebody give you a t shirt and set of another red ball. What is it? But the bottom line is the bench really is the architect of the big comeback. Now yet Russell with twenty seven of his career high forty four in the fourth quarter. So you're not ignoring him. But the bench really were were the the instrument the architects of the comeback. C J is calling for. Mt. Holly, CJ, first-time caller. What can we say to you? He talked about. Situation. I okay. Know what this is bad news pretentious, we here. Still is probably gonna be. That's just the way goes. You know what? Maybe the quality pitching you have in the organization. Jio could begin. Tykwer maybe two years at forty million Detroit. World Series upgrade over GO. Well, and by the way. Gonzalez does it's a minor league contract. And I think everyone knows by now when we do my due diligence CJ, I'll let you continue if he is not a part of the Yankees rotation by April twenty he can opt out. Okay. Go ahead CJ. The other thing about trust association. Yeah. Go ahead. What could be angels kinda belted Baucus? I gave the hometown this cat. I waited 'til after a free. He usually would be forty dollars a year. So good deal. I agree with you. Yeah. I think. Yeah. Absolutely. It it seems difficult to comprehend at first hearing a for a twelve year four hundred thirty four hundred thirty million dollar contract. But you're right. It is a good deal. And it is if you could make this kind of statement without being ridiculed it is a team friendly deal. Make no mistake, and it keeps him in Anaheim for the rest of his career. Jeff. Barbie. Gagen as big jets fan. I like just drive came up. Course, followed the whole thing. Receiving situation. It's about but still a outside receiver at don't be surprised baby. Maybe second or third. The bedroom. And you see. Dog the big flavors. You really get the soft. No, you're right. And and that's a good call a good comment to make especially at this time. I mean, he knew we'll be back and what he has to do is good. And of course, you have Anderson and don't forget what bail out of the backfield can catch an awful lot of passes. Thanks CJ for your call. A Trevor is calling from Wilton Connecticut. Trevor you're on the fan was happening. You doing buddy? Okay driver. Thanks for taking the time. What can you say? Favorites. I love listening to you. Well, I appreciate that. For sure. I was just I was calling about the contract. And I I know that she is the. Best player and the baseball. But what have the angels one nothing? Nothing. You're you're you're you're you're right. And he has been in the postseason only wants. And he I think they I he has I think week and look it up not that sad important. But I think he's something we heard earlier that he's eight had one he had one postseason appearance. He had twelve back one for twenty s. Correct. That's what I was going to say because I think I heard that too. Yeah. One appearance for sure and nothing might so I guess my question is would love your take your baseball savant. So I would love your thoughts on it. But I wouldn't go that far, but that's my favorite sport. Yes. But go ahead. Does it does it make does it make sense to give I mean four hundred thirty million dollars. Well over over twenty years. Everybody's the best player in the game. They wanted to make sure that they were going to cover arbitration free agency. They wanted him to stay. And this was a good time to do it during the course of the regular season during the preseason where doesn't becoming traction with what is going to happen with him. Because already we were hearing rumors that he would love to come and play for his favorite team, Philadelphia. And and Philly fans were just hoping and wishing and praying that in two years we've got about two years left on his contract. So what they did was extended him for another ten to make a twelve. He's happy where he is living in southern California. And unfortunately, nobody here gets to see him all that much. You know, unless you're all of a sudden programmed to a to a to their games on a regular daily basis. I mean who sees Stroud although we have seen a non for him. To know that he's a five tool player, and nobody is talking about five garden tools. He has the power he has a speedy as the arm. He's steals vases. Great fielder, everything he's all wrapped up into one. And there's really you could talk about my child plays. You could talk about harbor, please. You could talk about any other player. He is outlet Iquique. And Ronnie, listen, he doesn't all and you all you have to do is take a look at his numbers. He's not the prototypical slugger per se, not like an Aaron judge. But I'll tell you this. You see these guys now that you knew the with with the angels and a with a trout that are they were waiting for the table to be sad by Harper and Machado, and you know, and probably figured that. Trout would get more were. Were they the angels to go about operating the extension cement thirty five thirty six thirty seven million a year. So when you you know, when you got to figure it all out, but the bottom line is stalled a lot of money and probably it'll be towards the end of the twelve years undervalued he'll have to renegotiate, but it's a smart move on the part of the angels to wrap him up and try and build around him, very disappointing for the Philadelphia Phillies. And of course, you gotta figure. That judge is going to eventually be extended. Although the Yankees have control over him. Four awhile with a lot of young stars. They have on their roster. They're going to have to pay and and if you're a metropolitan fan, you are wondering what is taking as long as it's taking to get si- Guam with his extension that he's do. Although age is a factor with him. All right. We'll take a quick break. And then get right back to your telephone calls. We have a wine or to open going to be around until JJ after dark at two on.

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