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Were wrong. We were taking that back in your fire. Hastert's haven't won a playoff series in a long time. Yeah, it's been a while. I think 2017 is the last time he even won a game in the playoffs. So you're not just talking about a Siri's No. A game. They were swept this year by the heat. They were swept last year by the Celtics, eh? And in 17, they took the calves to seven games. All right, well, That's a bummer for him, especially now that they're walking off the court protesting. It's like just what? What is the MBA going to Dio? Is this just one on one time deal during the bubble, they're gonna walk off the court and reschedule these games. Because of that, the case they've sacrificed nothing. They got a day off. They get a day off. If you want to make you want to make your voices heard here, because I thought that's what the point of view no printing. Black lives matter on the court and wearing the T shirts and the logos in the messages of social justice on the back of their jerseys. I thought that that was the whole point of this whole thing. And now they walk off the court in protest of the police action shooting in Wisconsin, and it says to me Well, if they don't quit. Here the entire season. What? What does this accomplished today? Nothing. If they come out and play tomorrow, What's the point has no teeth at all there, not sacrificing anything. Now you want to talk about sacrificing paychecks? He wouldn't send the paychecks to the with the family off the Jacob Blake. Sam like family. Then we'll start to have a conversation. But just postpone these games for a day and call it a court go boycott. Give me a break and again, LeBron James Tweet. If this man we demand change well, then stop electing Democrats because the places where all of this is happening at have Democrat Mayor's You want change? LeBron tell some people they've got options. And that's kind of been the message of the Republicans all week long, specifically to the Black Canady. It doesn't always have to be this way. I love I love it when I hear Celebrities tell you to go Vote rock the vote. We need youto vote Voter die. You know Really? What? The underlying messages When you hear Bette Midler Tell you to go vote. It's go vote. Go vote for my person. Go vote for my guy, right? It's really It's not go vote. It's basically when you hear that from a celebrity woke celebrity. It's You're not hearing Go vote. You're hearing Don't vote for Trump. That's exactly what you're hearing. Imagine if a charity groups and a message to bed meddler and said We're really taking you up on your offer. Would you mind sending over driver? We got 100. People here already to go vote and the driver gets there. And they all have Maga. Hats on. You'd think those voters get taken to the ballot box. I don't think they are. No, no, no. Do not go anywhere. We got one more hour to go. It's the hammer and Nigel ship..

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