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Minutes and counting and even think with using we're just gonna leave the Alanthea's like that view. And getting again, they do this us we act upon them in they crush us. They act opponents crush us. How long must certainly be subject to the whims of surface Wohlers. How long will they continue to the spoiler season. Flagrantly transgressor borders with their weapons of war in is going on for decades. Now, tell me tirerack what can a handful of exhausted soldiers do about it. If our entire armies failed Rancho in your old age, you forget, they invade us with their very weapon, which could lead to their destruction. They were fighting over that submarine why what is launching communications proven. Find out shall we? See it sailing through the water. Surfaces hits the sky. The squawk such aren't has not improved the hijack British nuclear submarine wonderman remains in dry dock in Saint John's, it is as a topic thought the vessel was stolen birth in Newfoundland. Let's go crush them. No orca. This is not a pub crushing. It's not not. I'm hoping them crush themselves. Wouldn't play the game of the surface nations. We will cause the nuclear weapons on that vessel the detonate while when it's still on the surface onwards glorious Victor yet because that's not that might not that will have no effect on your precious as. Not at all. It'll be it'll be fine. That's right. Look once again, just like last issue a the same Bonk ad so. Is back as well. As the team's two weeks in a row. More Bonk for your buck. All right. Meanwhile, back in the of Placentia. Ten hours twenty minutes and counting. And pleasant. We got it. All. This is a labor of love..

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